Wyze Video Doorbell Runs Hot

My Wyze Video Doorbell went completely dead a few days ago - no LED on the doorbell itself and showing offline in the app. After a little troubleshooting I found that the original house doorbell transformer (marked 16V 10VA) was producing zero output. Thinking it had failed and looking to replace the transformer with something a little more sturdy I installed a 16V 30VA unit. After running for around 2 hours both the transformer and the doorbell itself are warm to the touch. I’m thinking that the rectifier circuit in the doorbell may be faulty to be producing this much heat and drawing enough current to overheat the transformer, but would like to know if other users or Wyze tech support have any ideas or suggestions to alleviate the problem before I replace the doorbell.

Running too many amps could be causing your problem. Why would you want to run more “electrical pressure” than is recommended?

Ahem. Electrical pressure = Volts. You’re not ‘running’ amps, they are being consumed by the device. You might want to learn some electronic theory Mr. ‘Maven’ sir. LOL