Heating problems and low sound in the Wyze Video Doorbell

IGood evening to everyone.

I have the Wyze Video Doorbell, Model WVDB1(input 16V - 24V AC). I placed it with an 18V AC 1A transformer, but the Wyze Video Doorbell gets quite hot so I disconnected it.

Any ideas to correct this heating problem?

Additionally, doing stamp tests, on the cell phone it is heard quite well, but in the Wyze Video Doorbel it is heard low. How I can increase the audio on the Wyze Video Doorbell?

Thank you

Hello everyone

Please if anyone has any solution to my 2 problems.

1._ Overheating of the Wyze Video Doorbell

2._ Low audio in the Wyze Video Doorbell at the time of answering

Thank you.