Video Doorbell runs very hot

I’m on my 2nd Video Doorbell, and this one is exhibiting symptoms similar to the 1st but hasn’t completely failed yet. The question I have for the community is whether it’s supposed to run hot. It’s hot to the touch and my IR thermometer reads 114F on the front and 118F on the side. Seems kind of hot for what I thought would be a low current device. Granted I’m in Phoenix and this is June, but the doorbell is in a shaded alcove and I took the readings at night. Doesn’t seem right that it should be this hot all the time. I’ve measured a steady 16VAC at the button.

My 1st doorbell also ran very hot, but worked for a few days nonetheless. After that it started randomly rebooting on its own, and I could force a reboot by triggering motion detection. It became useless so I thought I’d try a 2nd on the hope that the 1st was just a lemon.

I should add that after the 1st doorbell began rebooting on its own and any time motion was detected, I hooked it up via USB to my PC just to try something different. It ran flawlessly for a couple of days and was never hot to the touch. It’s not just the case that the device is working hard.

I don’t have mine installed yet. It is drawing about a quarter of an amp thru the 5V input. I can feel a little warmth, more on the back, than the front or right side. But it is only slight warmth. Much like you experienced indoors, no doubt.

Adding the AC circuitry might generate some of its own heat. Maybe someone with an installed doorbell and an IR thermometer will report in.

I’ll see if I can get a temp reading on mine when I get home.

A few days later and my 2nd doorbell is starting to sometimes reboot on motion detection. Doesn’t seem to be rebooting spontaneously, though (i.e. unprovoked). The AC/DC transformer will unavoidably generate some heat, and I’m convinced that it cooks other components inside the unit (pushes them beyond their intended operating range). In case it’s relevant, the firmware is

You live in Phoenix during one of the hottest times of the year, lol. You’ve been running 110-115 degrees during the day for over a week now. That can’t help.

What I would do is next time it malfunctions is send a log to Wyze using the app with the doorbell selected. Then contact support to make sure they forward that log to the developers. You may be experiencing something everyone experiences, or you may be only experiencing things people see in a super hot environment. In either case maybe it can be fixed in firmware, or maybe they need to look at the hardware. A log would help them make that determination.

The best way to contact support to tell them about the log is by phone at (206) 339-9646 Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT.

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Update: Temp is now 125F on the front, 136F on the side. Unit is rebooting on its own a couple of times a day. Reboots every time the button is pressed, resulting in the video not being uploaded and no notification of motion. Chime does sound, though. Motion detection works 9/10 times with video uploaded successfully & motion notification sent. Will call support on Monday, but I envision returning this for a refund after that.

I live in Minnesota and just installed my pre-order doorbell. Outside its sub 60° F but doorbell is running around 90° F. Doorbell transformer is relatively cool (~67° F, similar ambient), old chime box is cool, and surrounding wood frame is cool.

What gives? Bad wiring? Poor design? A lemon unit?

My doorbell also runs hot. For sure it’s at or over 100 degrees. Much hotter than the ambient air temperature.

I’ve had the same issue and got a replacement now, I’ll keep you updated.

I have the same.i have the same on a cool night, 75°F seems top is hottrst place. Heat rises so just maybe that.