Intermitant connection to Doorbell

The first three days I had the doorbell were the best. It worked really well after initial setup. If there was a detection or a button press, I could tune in live. Now it seems I successfully connect to it 2/10 times. If there is a detection, it is impossible to connect.

Voltage is a steady 20v from transformer.

Doorbell is 18ft from the primary WiFi Provider in my home. Signal in the app reads as full bars. Another system I sue tells me the doorbell is rated at 89-98% out of 100%

I do have three other family members sharing the doorbell via the app. They have their own accounts.
Earlier I was thinking I just had too many devices going, so I arranged a time to test just when I was home, and turned everything off, other than the router/internet, doorbell, and my phone. Didn’t notice any difference.

I have found that if I have recently rebooted the doorbell, that it works better. I can connect/reconnect more frequently. At least for a few hours. Still, I have objections to rebooting the device using a rule more than say 2-3 time a day. If it’s that unstable why bother?

If someone presses the doorbell I get the notification, and a picture, but nothing else, and the video is never uploaded. Error (code 05), and (code 06) failed to fetch video from cloud. Also Failed to upload Event. Please Check your WiFi connection. Yeah, sent logs, made tickets since I’ve had a few of these got told it would be looked into but no mitigations etc. I wish I could see the damn logs. :slight_smile:

Reading some threads here I see a lot of other owners of this doorbell talking about heat influencing the doorbell. The doorbell is on the side of an entry alcove, with the 30-degree wedge so it faces North West. It will get hit by some morning sun. The entryway blocks that somewhat, and even at 30 degree I see more of the area I can expect packages than the front yard.

I have not measured the heat in the entryway directly but I am considering getting a thermometer or sensor in there to do some testing. I do live in Central Florida, so heat and humidity are quite intense and common.

Anyone else having issues like this?

I wish this camera either had local storage or could use the base station of an the Wyze Outdoor Camera as a more local storage. If that would mitigate the issues I’d be happier.
We were broken into 4 years ago; they used the front door. There are certain ways I won’t feel safe anymore, and a working set of cameras would help. Sure, we’ve done other mitigations, but this kind of camera system is useful to me. We’ve bene getting more people in the neighborhood doing door to door sales, there are at least 20+ houses going up around us. A seller of home security products came by the other day without any kind of ID. Still, I don’t depend on one thing, would just like this to be worth the money, time and effort I put into installing it, especially due to having to trace a bad circuit breaker while finding the one the doorbell was on. :smiley:

I have had this same problem ever since I bought the camera (3 SEP 21). I thought it was just me. apparently not. I have another wyze camera (wyze cam pan) and I don’t have any problems with connection. I may have to try twice to connect through the app but it always connects without constant restarting. I can even fetch my videos when I get a notification, so I am thinking that it has to do with the doorbell camera missing something that the other camera has that connects correctly.

I as well thought maybe the heat was an issue but I have tested at all different times of the day and it works for 15 seconds and then disconnects from the app. The funny thing is it still works as a doorbell, and the lights come on like it is recording and everything, but all I get in the cloud storage is an image and the same old error codes (05 and 06) please check wifi connection.

Wifi connection is not the issue if the other camera on the same wifi is working just fine.

I have this same issue and like you have very strong WIFI signal levels to the device. I even have cameras farther away in the same line of sight as the doorbell. I hate restarting the doorbell and may pull it and get something else if I can’t get past it…

We are in the pacific NW and haven’t had temps above 80 degrees in the are very often since I installed it a couple of weeks ago. So for me it isn’t heat related.

I thought that I may have found the problem when I read that it might be the fact that I was missing a 24V transformer. I swapped out my 16V transformer for a 24V transformer and my camera came on and connected to the app right away, I even got live feed. I thought I was set, but no I still cannot maintain a connection with the doorbell camera, even though I maintain my connection with my wyze cam pan. I believe there are still some bugs in the doorbell camera that need to be addressed on the app or the camera itself.

I never found the correlation between heat/humidity and if it works or not. The little sensor I grabbed tells me that thanks to the shaded position of the doorbell it’s always cooler than the temp out in the sun. With the higher humidity, I just have not seen anything to indicate it’s an issue.

Some days it works, great, some days it just gives me a picture. The bell does at least always ding.

The next angles I"m considering looking at are interference and internet speed. Normally I have limit of 20mbps up and 200mbps down. That upload speed could be a bottle neck, and until I called the cable company out last week the connection was fluctuating around 5-10 up.

For video I think I maybe get 2/5 that I can view more than just a picture. Ringing the doorbell seems to work worse than if it just picks up motion

Anyone else have the doorbell shared with others? I am sharing with my immediate family and wonder if maybe that is an issue, but for now I’m going to get my WiFi testing gear out in the next week and see what signals I pickup near the doorbell. I don’t have anything fancy but it’s helped at the office from time to time.

I’d really love to put in a feature request and see if I can get the video saved to the outdoor cam’s base station, since then it would depend on my internal wI-fi and not my upload speed.

I just confirmed my ISP upload speed limit is 10, not 20. I think I confused it with most of the business accounts I use at the same ISP.

That could explain why the videos do not get uploaded. Wifi signal is near perfect on all my tests, and while the speed of a 2.4ghz connection is slower, if you can only get 10 up at best, and have constant traffic, I’d pretty much say yer stuck. I’ve found I get better results if I lower the resolution but who wants that?

Really would have loved an SD card or at least using the SD card on one of the outdoor camera base stations for local storage. So the new one won’t help either.

Don’t think we can do anymore with this.

I gave up… I bought a Lorex doorbell cam and it works great. Still keeping my Wyze cams, but there isn’t any excuse why cameras work and the doorbell doesn’t. I guess this one will get trashed and I will call it a lesson learned…