Doorbell video unstable after prolonged use

I really like the doorbell but with the slow response I have taken to using an old Android tablet and keeping the Wyze app running all day (so I can see people approaching the door)

But when I leave the doorbell running for more than 15/20 minutes the feed stops (the onscreen clock stops updating) you don’t get any error messages and as nobody has come to the door there is no change to the stream but when you look at the clock you see it stopped

I have tried this several times and its the same but my Wyze cam streams all day long without any issues

Has anyone else tried leaving the live video running all day from the doorbell?

It might be overheating. Primary use-case is just checking in and not running continuously. It also has a half-wave rectifier and buck transformer to drop the power down from household transformer ac to 5vdc which adds to thermal loads.

I understand that could happen but overheating after 15mins

Then when you reconnect it’s fine for another 15mins and so on

Plus I’m in the UK and the hottest temp today was 8 degrees and my doorbell is north facing and in the shade so I would be surprised if it’s getting too hot

@chrisjost Would converting from 220v ac to 5v dc add to the heat load at all compared to 110v ac to 5v dc?

@joshuapenman It wouldn’t matter if 110 or 220 – the video doorbell is expecting fairly low voltage AC from the house transformer and can accommodate a limited range of input voltage. It does require a minimum amount of power which some people have run into.

@Dr_StrangeTrick If the heat is generated faster than the case can reject it, it’s going to warm up. Thermodynamics wins out. My Raspberry Pi doesn’t like getting over 70ºC or else it starts down-clocking. It normally runs at 40ºC with hardly any load. Imagine the doorbell running the wifi chip and video encoder non-stop in a small form-factor that is designed to be weatherproof and made of plastic (not really a good heat conductor) along with the added heat from the buck transformer with higher current for an extended time.

I think heat is the most likely explanation but I’m open to alternate explanations.

Ok, I have been tested it twice over the weekend using an infra ‘gun’ type thermometer

Outside temperature 6 deg
Temperature of the door frame 9 deg
Doorbell housing when idle 18deg
Doorbell housing after 20mins live stream 19deg

I got the same readings on Saturday and Sunday so I don’t feel the doorbell is overheating

Back to my original question, has anyone else tried this? what happens if you keep the video running for 20mins?

If you’ve eliminated hardware, then it must be the firmware or the network.