Wyze Video Doorbell Pro RTSP to record on NAS

hello all,

i want to get the wyze video doorbell pro (wireless) and was wondering if there is any RTSP support for this? this way i can recorded the door bell to my NAS? does anyone know?

thank you

Sorry, there is no planned support for RTSP for any of Wyze’s Video Doorbells.

There may be some 3rd party workarounds using Tiny Cam or Home Assistant integrations though. I don’t know anyone who has tried with the VDBPro specifically, but it should work similarly if they are supported.

The problem is that if you use it wirelessly, it will be a battery operated device, and so RTSP may not be ideal for a battery operated cam like that…though you can have the VDBPro plugged in.


The Wyze Video Doorbell (not pro) is not battery operated, so it shouldn’t be out of the picture to support RTSP on it.

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Here I was talking specifically about the Pro version.
As for the original VDB, Wyze updated us in August that they aren’t going to be able to do it:

They didn’t give us a lot of the details as to why, only that it won’t happen, at least not through official Wyze Firmware. As I mentioned before, there might be a possible workaround using unofficial reverse-engineered API’s to get a pseudo RTSP feed from the original Video Doorbell.

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How can it possibly be marked pro and NOT support RTSP? Everyone wants to slap ‘Pro’ on it with no regard. It leaves ‘Pro’ not meaning very much.

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