Please add RTSP support for Video Doorbell

Please please please add RTSP for video doorbell. I just bought one and would like to use it with my Synology just like all my other Wyze cams. I am not a cloud person. This feature is critical.

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Any updates on RTSP support for the doorbell? This is a must, I like the doorbell, a lot. But I’ll be replacing it if RTSP isn’t added soon.

Another request for RTSP for the video doorbell and for v3.

Another RTSP Vote for integration besides Amazon.

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In the latest Wyze AMA, Wyze Cofounder Dave Crosby commented on this request for RTSP for the Video Doorbell. After saying that programming RTSP for the V3 is now complete, he said the next product that they would consider RTSP for would be the video doorbell but that they haven’t really looked at it yet. So it is a possibility now that RTSP for the V3 is done with development, but it is likely something that will not happen for quite a while yet. Just thought I’d update those tracking the issue in this thread.


I have missed most of the doorbell notifications at home because my phone is always on do not disturb at home. idk why it can’t just pop up on my google nest hub…

Hey folks! After checking with the Product Team, it sounds like this isn’t something we’ll be able to introduce for Wyze Video Doorbell in its current state. Please feel free to continue sharing your feedback with us as we explore the future for video doorbell products!


I know a lot of bitter complaining is sure to follow, and that’s understandable considering the disappointment many will be feeling from this news, but I wanted to thank you for at least taking the time to communicate with us. That is VERY APPRECIATED. Please know that we’re very appreciative of communication, regardless of our disappointment.


Agreed. A simple, honest “no” is so much better than 3 years of stops, starts, hemming, hawing, and disappointment.


+1 this would be a great feature

I am going to add that I would love RTSP for the doorbell. I monitor all my video stuff using Blue Iris.

Alas, as Wyze stated not too long ago, it seems like Doorbell will never get RTSP. The hardware just isnt capable enough for it to work.

Normally I would call BS that the hardware isn’t capable of this but I’m starting to think they may not be BSing. I say this because I used docker-wyze-bridge to gain RTSP access to my Wyze Doorbell and it died within about a week. I picked up a new Doorbell, same thing, dead in about a week. My guess is the constant video feed overheats the camera and kills it. I don’t know how the cloud based object detection would work without overheating it. Maybe the camera locally looks for motion and only starts a video feed to the cloud when motion is detected locally. All I know is I will not be buying a 3rd Wyze Doorbell after killing two of them. I will be getting the Amcrest Doorbell that has RTSP out of the box. Homebridge will also be getting HKSV support soon which will let me HKSV enable the Amcrest.

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If a camera is capable to send the streaming in the cloud should be for sure capable to send the video on the local network so it’s a BS 100%.
We need to get control to our video from all Wyze cams and not only using the phone.
I would even pay for CamPlus if I would be able to automatically download the video locally in case I need them at a later date. Wyze should understand we should not be tied up to our phone all day long for such a simple task.
Another thing to think of is to have a bundle price for CamPlus for all cameras at one location or at least let’s say 4-5 of them. Maybe you can consider a monthly fee to see and record everything on a local server, that’s way you’ll not pay Amazon for cloud, entire amount of money will go to Wyze and can be a good price for the client too.

That’s all I needed to know, to make an informed decision, that my Wyze Video Doorbell will be replaced by a Non Wyze Product that has RTSP and a MicroSD card.

I was hoping the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro would have those two features, but that was a disappointment as well.


This is very disappointing to hear. I was waiting for RTSP to be able to route it through home assistant and then be able to see it on my nest hubs since that integration was removed from the roadmap. I suppose I will also have to move to a different product. I’ve liked a lot of wyze products in the past, but it seems like a lot of requests from the DIY community are just ignored which pushes us to other solutions. The dropped support for google assistant and lack of RTSP or even a way to pull a static image on a fixed basis has made me reconsider Wyze for future smart home purchases. Most recently avoiding the Wyze lock.

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Same RTSP is a must, also integrating all my smart devices with Home Assistant or it’s out.


Disappointing, guess ill be looking for a new doorbell soon.

Yes, very sad:


RTSP and/or ONVIF is the one spec that will determine my next doorbell.

As much as I’d like my next doorbell to be a Wyze Doorbell, I’ve grown accustomed to viewing and managing my camera’s in Blue Iris (or QVRPro on my QNAP NAS)

The two Wyze Video Doorbells both have two strikes:

  1. No RTSP
  2. No MicroSD storage

Interesting thing for my ‘story’ is, I drove an hour to a Micro Center specifically to purchase an two Amcrest Spot light Camera’s (ASH26W) (Just like my opinion of Wyze, Amcrest has it’s positives and negatives)

While at the store, I saw a display of Wyze V2’s V3’s, WCO’s, the Video Doorbell Cam. (i was not their to by Wyze Products)

I left the store with One WCO’s (stupid me didn’t realize you needed a ‘starter kit’ for that first WCO…), two V3’s and a Video DoorBell.

Fast forward to today and the score is as follows:

Amcrest = 5 devices total

Qty 2: Amcrest Floodlight ASH26W’s,
Qty 2: Amcrest IP2M-841W-V3
Qty 1: Amrest Video Doorbell (which was returned as a failed device, and replaced with the Wyze Video Doorbell.

Wyze = 66 total devices
Qty 1: Wyze Video Doorbell

Qty 5: Wyze v3 Cam
Qty 3: Wyze Window Mount for Wyze Cam v3

Qty 2: Wyze Outdoor Base Stations
Qty 8: Wyze Outdoor Cam

Qty 2: Wyze Pan Cam V2

Qty 2: Wyze Cam V2 (Black)

Qty 1: Wyze Garage Door Controller w\v3 Cam

Qty 2: Wyze Sense Hubs
Qty 5: Wyze Motion Sensor

Qty 5: Wyze Entry Sensors v2

Qty 4: Wyze Plug V2
Qty 1: Wyze Plug Outdoor

Qty 6: Wyze Color Bulbs
Qty 2: Wyze Light Strip

Qty 9: Wyze Night Light

Qty 1: Wyze Lock

Qty 1: Wyze Sprinkler Controller
Qty 1: Wyze Weatherproof Sprinkler Controller Box

Qty 1: Wyze Thermostat
Qty 3: Wyze Room Sensor

Qty 1: Wyze Car

I guess one can ascertain from that list that I like Wyze Products? or I’ve lost my mind, or somewhere in between …

I feel like I need to sign up for a 10-Step program or something…

(I’ve been wanting to add up what I’ve spent on Wyze Products… but it might be a number I don’t want to be made aware of, nor would my wife want to know either :slight_smile: …)

I’ve had worse habits in my day.

So, I said all that to say… Perhaps the new doorbell I decide upon that meets my needs (RTSP, SD Card)… might just be that ‘gateway’ drug… ahhhh … item that takes my addiction elsewhere… ?

I really enjoy the Wyze Products I have, for the most part and would have preferred to stay in the Wyze ecosystem for a doorbell.

(The Wyze Car is not on that list of ‘enjoy’)

I’ve got four Amcrest devices now, so I most likely will go with a Amcrest Model AD410 when my Wyze Video Doorbell fails since the Amcrest model supports RTSP and has a microSD card.

It’s really going to hurt someday, if Wyze ever folds…and I’ve got all these devices that rely upon their existence…

At least my Wyze Night Lights will still work, my Wyze Sprinkler Controller box will keep my non functioning Wyze Controller protected from the elements… and the Wyze Car will still be a nice paperweight on the shelf.

The battery that came with the Wyze Car continues to provide charging to my iPhone when needed… there’s a plus…



I too wish the Doorbell Pro worked with RTSp/ONVIF.
It would be nice to have monitored from the same place as my cameras