Wyze video doorbell pro mount

I recently bought the Wyze video doorbell pro and I live in an apartment. I have been looking all over amazon for a apartment friendly door mount and I can’t find one at all! All the other doorbells have them except this one apparently. I’m not sure why this one doesn’t fit any of them, but the company should really make one !

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What makes a mount apartment friendly to you? The Wyze video Doorbell Pro was designed with a mount as apartment friendly as I can think of.

You can mount it up without any screws. You can even mount it without any wiring since it has a battery that lasts a long time between charges. When you leave, you can remove the mount and take everything with you without leaving screw-holes in the frame or wall or door.

What kind of difference are you looking for in a mount? If you elaborate, maybe we can help guide you toward something that will work better in the way you want.


Thank you for your response. Hello! I’m scared of it being stolen, because I’ve seen a lot of that happening recently. I was looking for maybe something like this. Thank you!


That’s interesting! I had not seen that type of mount.

granted this is only a guess, but if you get the measurements of other doorbells and compare them to the VDB pro you might be able to figure out if you could make it fit inside one of those that is made for another one and then just put things inside to hold it securely.

That’s just a guess but unless you find something you could always retrofit what is out there for other doorbells to work possibly.

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When you purchase that type of mount they send styrofoam pieces so that you can adjust it, but all of those mounts are too short the VBP is too tall and I can’t seem to find any that fit it because of how tall it is :frowning:

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Hmmmm what is that made out of? Well, what are those mountains in general made out of?