Doorbell pro anti theft mount ideas

I want to get the doorbell pro camera. I’m trying to find a way how I could mount it to my door without drillinga ny holes since I live Inn apartment. I also don’t want to use any double-sided tape. Because thieves could take it. I found some on Amazon, but it looks like it will not fit this type of camera. Any ideas?


I am in the same predicament. Someone tried to steal mine on the double sided tape and it fell to the ground and they ran away before picking it up. I ordered a few on amazon hoping they would fit but they are all too small to fit the doorbell pro. Wyze should come up with a solution here like the amazon ones.

biggest one i could find is this

its not the perfect fit, it does cover a small part of the button and/or lens depending how far down or up but its not a big deal

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Thank you so much! I just ordered