Doorbell Pro Anti-Theft Door Mount

Hi All, first post. Just purchased the Doorbell Pro and the Cam 3 for my son’s college apartment for this fall. I purchased a doorbell anti-theft mount that said fits most doorbell cams but clearly it doesn’t fit the Wyze pro. It covers up the top sensor and half the ring button. Can’t find any that states it will fit this doorbell. Wyze should have their own for an option like Blink but maybe later. So has anybody been succesfull in finding one that fits?? Greatly apreciate any help. Thank You!!!

Nope, but you could post it on the #wishlist

Hello @paulsoffice.
If you do not find what you want in Esty or Thingiverse or Amazon.
Maybe @lachlan6 could print up one for you. He likes to solve problems of the kind you described.

Good luck.

Could you please post exactly what mount you purchased?

I wouldn’t mind making something but I don’t have the pro version of the doorbell so I wouldn’t be able to test anything I made. I have a pretty good size list of things I want to make already and the sales of my current designs are taking a decent amount of my time these days. I am trying to offload that burden so I can have more time to design new things again.

But more details would be helpful to maybe find something already existing or make something new.

Thanks all for yor replys. I purchased the DG-DIRECT bracket on Amazon. Said it fits most doorbells. Not even close with the Wyze Pro. I probably could cut it to make it work but that’s not going to look to good. This one totally covers the top motion sensor and half of the button for the bell. Wyze is pretty popular so I would think something out there should fit. Anybody know which doorbell may be simuliar?