Doorbell - NOPE!

I just install the doorbell. Everything works fine except It really looks stupid on the outside of my house. It’s kind of ugly. The inside ringer Is cheap. All of the sounds are horrible. The worst part of the whole thing is If you have push notifications on any of your other Cameras there’s no way to tell if you have someone at the front door or if a leaf is blowing past a camera sensor. Needless to say, 30 minutes after I installed it, I’m taking it out.

By the way, once you snap the doorbell on to the bracket it’s very difficult to remove it without breaking the bracket. I suspect their thought was an anti-theft feature but it could have been a little better thought out.


Though the notification sound is the same, the notification itself is unique for a doorbell press.

I’ve removed my doorbell several times without damaging the bracket

Yep, I managed to get mine off without breaking it. But, It’s just a toy. I can’t live with it. The sad part is, I’d like to return it but My customer service experience with this company has been a little bit Lacklustre. I’ll just give it to somebody and let them deal with it.

I think It looks ok and the picture is SO much better than my ring. But I do have and issue with the notification being the same as all the others. This is the one device that needs a separate notification for a doorbell ring versus motion or person so we know when someone is ringing the doorbell when we are away from home.

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Yes, the picture is just fine.
The notification is a big issue for me. You’re 100% correct.

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Hello, I was checking the forum because I was worried the doorbell unit could be stolen easily.

You mentioned you were able to remove your doorbell with little challenge. Would you say you can take it off, but if the person at your door is not experienced with removing the doorbell, would have a small challenge at least?


It’s not obvious how to remove, but I think anyone determined to steal is going to find a way.

Appreciate your reply

One more question

I tried adding the doorbell to my Wyze app, but I do not see “Wyze video doorbell” listed.

I have latest firmware


What’s your app version? You may need to update your app.

They have pictures of the unit on the site. Did you not see them before you bought it?
I’m sure they will add sounds over time. The hardware and software were just released. My ring has no speaker and no sounds so this is an improvement.
Notifications contain the name of the device for me. So I can see the name of the camera. Maybe you ca configure yours to do the same?
How does the camera work?

Same here, got it yesterday which was a nice surprise. but sadly huge let down.

Fair picture quality

Not very stylish, looks kinda silly
No grid selection for sensor, motion alert every minute due to daily wind
No sd card for local recording
Not able to turn off the Blue LED
Mic and speaker not so great, (not sure if it is due to the wifi connection)
Not able to capture packages on ground (without modifying the install), this was the only reason the wife wanted it, so she could see when her packages delivered. it captures more of the sky then the ground, so we had to use shims to angle it more downwards.

with all the issues with the Pan cam resets, the v3 lack of current features and motion blur at night, the poor launch of the thermostat, i was hoping this would get us back as fans, but just too much of a novelty at this point in time.

Should show up under the listing of Cameras as Wyze Doorbell.


It wouldn’t be a challenge to steal at all…grab it and lift…it wouldn’t take but a second. At first I looked at it and thought they could’ve at least added a set screw to lock it down; However, the whole thing is only held on by two little screws through a pretty thin plastic bracket. One good yank and its coming off if somebody really wants it. Not sure any of the other ones on the market would fair better.

John, I’ll pay(pal) for shipping and for your trouble for taking the item to a post-office if you want to offload the doorbell.