Wyze video doorbell installation issue - current 2 chime boxes with one doorbell

Dear Wyze community

If anyone has any idea or similar situation, please advise.

My home has only “One doorbell” with “Two Chime Boxes (one at first floor and the other at second floor)”**

Wyze customer service replied it should be OK to ignore SECOND CHIME BOX located at second floor, which means “just leave it as it is without touching anything at second chime box”.

My another question is, How about FIRST CHIME BOX? There are 4 wires (2pairs of wires). Please see attached pictures below.

[First Chime Box located at first floor] - As see, there are “2 red wires at Trans nut” and “1 white & 1 red at Front nut”. Which 2 of 4wires need to connect each other by Fuse Wire? then what to do for remainder 2 wires after 2 of 4 wires connected each other by fuse wire.

[Second Chime Box at second floor] Per Wyze’s email instruction, I will leave it as it is Without touching anything.

Overall, I’d like to figure out that at First Chime Box, which 2wires need to connect each other by Fuse wire? and after that, 2 remainder wires of 4 wires (other than 2 wires connect each other by fuse wire) need to leave as it is or detach from brown circuit board?

For Second Chime box, I will not touch anything as your instruction.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Just saw this and was asking myself this 3 weeks ago only after I installed and remembered I had a second chime box upstairs! Funny how that works. Glad I left it alone. Thank you for all the updates. I appreciate it. :smile:

One of those sets of wires is going to go to the other chime box, and one set will go to your transformer and doorbell.
To find out which is which, first turn off power, then remove one wire from the center terminal and label it 1. Label the other wire 2, leaving it on the center terminal. Turn power back on and ring the doorbell. What happens?
If neither doorbell makes any noise, then the wire you have labeled 1 is the transformer wire and the wire you have labeled 2 is going to the other doorbell. If only the chime that you removed the wire from makes noise, then wire 1 is going to the other doorbell and wire 2 is the transformer wire.

Now that you know which wire comes from the transformer, you need to know which wire goes to the switch, so turn off the power again and make sure the transformer wire is connected to the center terminal with the wire that goes to the other chime disconnected. Remove a wire from the “front” terminal on the right and label it 3. Label the wire that is still on the right terminal 4. Turn the power on and ring the doorbell again. If the chime rings, then the 4 wire goes to the doorbell button, and the 3 wire goes to the other chime. If it does not ring, then the 3 wire goes to the button and the 4 wire goes to the other doorbell.

Now that you know which wires go to the doorbell and the switch, turn off the power and wire the fuse between them and hook up your wyze doorbell. The other wires can be left on the Trans and Front terminals of the chimes, although they wont do anything anymore when the wyze is hooked up.

I do appreciate your very kind and prompt support. It really helps to get better understanding how to install the Wyze video doorbell. Just one more question since I’m still confused… As mentioned currently I have only “one” doorbell at front door but “two” chime boxes one at 1st floor and the other at 2nd floor.

As instruction, I will not touch anything at 2nd chime box at 2nd floor. Then at 1st chime box there are 2 pairs of wires (4 wires in total - 2 at Trans & 2 at Front as picture attached above).

Per my understanding from your explanation. First, I need to find which each one from Trans and Front need to disconnect from circuit board, then these to connect each other with Fuse wire.

For 2 wires at trans, need to disconnect one of 2, then test a ring, if it “rings”, this connected wire at Trans will be “comes from Transformer” that eventually need to detach and connect to other wire from Front (this wire go to the doorbell) by Fuse wire.

For 2 wires at Front, need to disconnect one of each, then test a ring, if it “rings”, this connected wire at Front is “go to doorbell” that eventually need to detach from circuit board and connect to the wire (comes from Transformer) by fuse wire.

The remainder 2 wires (1 at Trans and 1 at Front) which doesn’t make any ring sound will be left at circuit board as original condition because those are for 2nd chime box, and won’t do anything anymore when Wyze doorbell is installed.

Please confirm if this my understanding from your instruction is correct. If not, please advise which sentence I misunderstood.

Thank you again for your excellent and kind instruction!

Yes, that’s correct.

Great! I do appreciate your confirmation and will install the Wyze as your instruction now.