Doorbell v2 with two chimes?

My house has a single doorbell with two mechanical chimes (one first floor, one second floor). I’m looking to buy the doorbell v2, and I contacted support first to make sure this was a supported configuration. They say it will not work with two chimes.

I have a feeling this isn’t actually true. Can anyone confirm? Worst case scenario I figure I can disconnect the upstairs chime?

Here is a picture of the wiring in the downstairs chime:


…and the upstairs:


The downstairs chime has 3 red/white wire groups, Do you know where all those go, one set should go to the upstairs chime, one should be the transformer and would should go to the doorbell. I am curious which ones are which.

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Before I tackled that I was hoping to find out if it’s even possible to use this bell.

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Officially anyone who works for Wyze will say no since there is no official way, but in theory it may work, I was trying to visualize the wiring diagram in my head and see if I could come up with something to try. It is just hard to do that without knowing which ones go where.

It may also depend on the voltage of your transformer, some have had issues with the transformer voltage being too low with the doorbell and a single chime, I am not sure how much that will be affected by having multiple chimes.

Yeah it’s a little bit of a disaster to be honest - I have a transformer in the crawlspace which looks like a complete DIY hack job. I’m not sure if there’s a 2nd transformer somewhere else. If there was a second transformer, I would assume the 1st floor chime would only have 4 wires in it though.

So yeah, I need to figure that all out I guess. I’ll report back when I do.

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I believe in the lower chime you have a set from the transformer, a set from the doorbell and a set that goes upstairs which terminates at the upstairs chime, so I do belive it is working off one transformer.

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Found this diagram for Nest - I assume the same would go for Wyze. I will track down the wires and give it a shot. I’m unsure why Wyze doesn’t consider if a valid config if the transformer has enough voltage.

Alright I figured out the wires. From top to bottom, the three two-wire bundles are:

Top: transformer
Middle: doorbell
Bottom: 2nd chime

In hindsight, this probably should have been obvious since the 2nd chime would be the only one connected to both TRANS and FRONT, but good to confirm I guess.

I get 27va at the chime so I assume I have a 24 or 30va transformer? I think I should be good to go, but if for some reason I have a voltage issue I’ll just disable the upstairs chime, as we really don’t want or need it.


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Sorry, it took a bit to loop back around. That diagram was how I was going to tell you to try but I was unsure of which of your wires went where. I am glad you got it working and yes that transformer sounds like it would be enough.