Two chimes and one doorbell

I received my doorbell yesterday, i checked the chime in my house and it was a two wire one, but i realized my house has two chimes (moved in recently :slight_smile: ) both chimes ring when the doorbell is pushed. So this second chime has three wires and that also the wires are not single wire (picture below) so any help on what i have to do, do i have to bypass both chymes? If yes the wyze kit came with only one fuse wire , so any tips on how i can make one ? Or can i just install the doorbell without bypassing the chimes? Or can i just bypass one chime(the two wire one) with the provided fuse and leave the other chime as is? Please help

you have to bypass the chimes ( both)

the doorbell has no wired output for the chimes so there is no way to signal them…the only wires that will connect to the Wyze doorbell will be for power and ground and connection and chime will work wirelessly.

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Yes I don’t need the old chimes to ring, but to bypass them I do not have two fuse wires. Also what is the problem if i bypass one chime and leave the other as is.

that I couldn’t tell you for certain…it doesn’t seem like there would be an issue but im just in the learning phases of home electrical currently.

Forget about the chimes for a moment. The whole point is to establish a circuit that starts at the transformer, runs to the doorbell, and runs back to the transformer. The chimes are just in the way and the fuse (as far as I know) is just a safer way of shorting the wires when the chime is removed from the circuit. So make sure to disconnect all wires from both chimes and use the fuse at one location. That should do it. (You might even have two transformers but this approach should still work, since I’ve advised that you disconnect all wires from both chimes.)

Corrections are welcome; I don’t even have a smart doorbell. :slight_smile:

Ok, will give it a shot

I am in the same situation. How did you solve your issue? Did you use fuse on one and ledt other as is?

@logssvk , what worked for you? We’re in the same boat. TIA

I did not bypass both the old chimes, they do not sound now and the wyze doorbell and its provided chyme are working fine. I am still a little worried leaving the old chimes as they were and not bypassing them but from what I understood they need to be bypassed so that they dont draw any current and the wyze doorbell has enough power , but since the wyze doorbell is working fine i guess it is ok for now.

Thanks @logssvk ! For safety’s sake I just completely disconnected our 2nd doorbell. All works fine and the bell module is loud enough to hear in the basement.