Wyze Video Doorbell Freezes when motion is in front of it

I;'ve noticied a lot of issues with the Wyze Video Doorbell. One if it being, if you are watching the livesteeam, and there is motion. The image starts to stutter/freeze until motion stops. It seems right now the best it does is to record the motion so u can view it afterwards, and you get notified when someobody pushes the doorbell. I have treid with AI Events off and On same thing. Also multiple times I have to restart the wyze app many times to see the live view.

Not a Wi-Fi Issues. I have full bars and also line of sight to my AP.

Anyone else like this?

am i the only one?

I just went through this a similar problem. Mine would freeze if I’m talking to someone and they’re moving. Unlike you, turning off the AI notification worked for me, and there’s been firmware upgrades since your original post. I went right to that figuring it’s too much for the system to handle. Since then, I downgraded video from HD to SD as a just-in-case, and besides I really don’t need the HD quality for the doorbell - I’ll save that for the cameras.

I have the same problem. Live video works fine but the moment somebody shows at the door and press the ring button the whole thing freezes. Its like its too much data/events to handle all at the sametime. The app does not refresh and it will unfreeze after 2-3 minutes.