Wyze vacuum newbie frustrations - help

Several frustrations so far with the robot vacuum. I took a chance on the Wyze vacuum based on a recommendation from a friend, even though I threw out my Wyze cameras because they were so glitchy… so far not an auspicious start w/ the vacuum.

It connected quickly, and I mapped a floor - it needs to recharge in order to finish. Somewhere it lost the connection. Had to read the forums, try multiple times, finally had to restart my router and wifi to get it to connect again. Gave the vacuum the same name - boom, LOST MY MAP.

What is the trick when reconnecting wifi to NOT LOSE MY MAP?? (I had earlier read a hint here not to delete the original device when reconnecting wifi and it would save the map).

Next question will be how to get it to completely finish rooms, it’s only done partial in some of them. But, I will start over again tomorrow to remap and hopefully not lose the wifi again :-(. (Note - I have not had to reboot my wifi in at least a year before getting this device.)

Tips? Tricks?

Hey, the robot vacuum has been great in my experience, it has had minimal issues and been extremely reliable even across 3 diffrent WiFi routers/networks I have used since I had it.

Initial mapping can be a little frustrating, you have to let it do exactly what IT wants or it will get messed up.

Make sure it’s 100% charged before mapping, and when it’s done let it go back to its base and upload the map. Don’t disturb it for a while until it’s done and the “Clean” button shows up along with the map.

If you need to reset WiFi, DO NOT delete it from the app, just hold the 2 buttons until it says WiFi reset, and then go through the app setup again. It should save the map as long as you don’t delete it.


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I had mine do the quick map of the entire house prior to ever sending it out for a cleaning. That way I could edit the maps before it started and it never activated the vacuum, thereby saving battery life.

When sending it out to map while cleaning, you can increase your battery stamina by reducing suction power to its lowest setting.

Because the vacuum never finished the first map before loosing the connection, it probably never fully uploaded and saved the map to finalize the process.

You are correct in not deleting it if you need to reinstall. If you have maps and settings saved, they should remain on the server even after a reinstallation.

Also, make sure there are no mirrors at vacuum level to confuse it. The vacuum is a :bat: Vampire. It can’t see it’s own reflection and the Lidar gets really confused when the laser light is bouncing all over the place like a Discotec.

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I tried the quick mapping and so far so good. I like cleaning just one or 2 rooms at a time so I can empty the bin (lots of cat hair :-). I’m still not sure why it lost connection, so hoping that doesn’t happen again….

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Another mapping question - one room has an L shaped couch that it tries to go under but then gets stuck. I actually followed it around while mapping trying to block it from going under the couch so it would ‘learn’, but during cleaning it still went under and got stuck. I’m going to get some stiff cardboard and follow it to keep it from thinking it can go under this couch … but is there a better way? The maps are so small I don’t see how to set no go zones like the couch.

I like doing the spot cleaning room by room, since there is stuff I have to pick up before cleaning - and I’m impressed by how much gets picked up! The Swiffer just wasn’t cutting it!

The vacuum is a constantly inquisitive remapper. You would have to have the cardboard up every time. It will constantly try to rediscover new territory and update the map.

The no-go zone is your best bet. When setting this, you can put the box (2 boxes if an L shape) in the general location you want and then pinch in and out on the map to zoom and fine tune the no-go box.


Yep, pinch and zoom is your friend :slight_smile:
Also, note that the vacuum will stay about a foot away from the no go zone, so It may take some fine tuning to get it to go right up to the edge but not under the couch

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This makes sense and worked out well, getting the hang of it! Once more question - when I map a room for the first time (quick mapping), do I just have to follow it around and keep it from getting stuck under the couch? Or - let it get stuck then it won’t do it again? I have another room to map, just wondering.

It’s been a while since I last mapped but I think you may be able to pause the robot, add some no go zones in the mapped area, and resume.

If not, then you could use temporary barriers like cardboard etc.

Best to use a barrier like cardboard when you do your first map. Then, with the map complete, set the no-go zone on the couch. After that, you won’t need the cardboard or have to babysit it. Even though the vac always wants to chart new undiscovered territory it finds, the no-go zone won’t allow it.