Wyze Vacuum Mirror Issue/Question


I wanted to see if anyone has had any issues with their Wyze Vacuum when it comes to a mirror. The reason I ask is because I have a sliding glass mirror in my bedroom and it seems as though the vacuum freaks out and doesn’t know where it is when the lidar laser hits the mirror. Has anyone ran into this before? I opend a support ticket about this, but trying to see how this can be resolved, as I am testing with putting up cardboard boxes against the mirror so that the laser doesn’t see the mirror. This sounds like a software issue, but wanted to see if anyone has heard or seen of this before.

Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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I know this is an old thread, but yes. Some of our closet doors are mirrors and in addition we have large mirrors on the floor that lean against the wall. The robot maps them as floor space and then just bumps into them. Then it continues mapping like it realizes it cant get in there. However, because I can’t edit the map, it just stays there and looks very strange.

I had/have the same problem. What I did to solve it is cover the bottom of the mirrored sliding doors with “butcher” or “craft” paper. Not sure what it’s really called, it’s just a roll of heavy construction paper we bought once at Home Depot. So I just unrolled it from one side of the doors to the other, remapped the house, then rolled it back up and put it in the garage for next time. Wrapping paper would work, too, or maybe waxed or parchment paper, or sheets of newspaper, etc. Anything to cover the mirror at the level the LIDAR shoots its beams, I suppose.

Good luck!

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