Wyze Vacuum dies just feet away from base station

This happens routinely. The vacuum is scheduled to clean overnight or in the morning, and I will come out to find it completely and utterly dead (like so dead that it loses its wireless connection) and literally only feet away from the base station. This morning it was less than 3 feet away…just sitting there, battery totally drained. The only fix is to pick it up and manually set it on the charger. I have had a couple other far less “advanced” robot vacuums that didn’t do this. One of them had no mapping whatsoever, just random movements, and it failed to return to the charger far less frequently than this one.
When I check the cleaning record for last night, it ran for 1.1 hours but cleaned only about 10 percent of the house, and did another thing that is a problem with this vacuum: got utterly confused about the layout of the house, altering the map and turning it into a funhouse with weird new rooms at strange angles. So clearly the mapping gets mixed up at some point, causing it to suffer a total emotional breakdown and plop itself down 3 feet from the charger paralyzed with fear and loathing.

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I don’t care about the robovac but I like your style.

Same exact problem here! This isn’t a finished product.