Wyze v3 sound alarm when human detected at specific time interval

A family member of mine caught some prospecting would be thieves peering into their cars on camera in the late night hours. Luckily, they did have cameras but they were very dated with terrible resolution and bad night vision. Could not see much other than the profile on the people and it was impossible to make out their faces. Along comes the Wyze v3 and there is color starlight night vision…well that is a no brainer so he got 4 of them. Now, I am wondering if he can utilize the alarm to sound only when a human is detected and only at a specific time interval. So, if the camera(s) were set to sound the alarm between 1:00am and 5:00am upon detection of a human presence, would this work? Also, does the alarm auto shut off after a while or is it indefinite? Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks in advance.

You can do this with rules.
Here’s how:
First tap the plus icon, then Add Rule

Next, select Device Trigger

Next, select the camera you want to turn on the siren(this can be any camera). Then, select Detects a person. Remember to press save after selecting.

Next, select Action.

Next, select the camera, then turn siren on. You can set multiple cameras to turn on, so you could technically have all of the camera sirens go off. Remember to press save when done with selecting each action.

You can schedule the rule by using the If Time function.

This will need to be done for each camera you want to detect a person and turn on a siren.
I haven’t tested this yet so the siren may or may not shut off after a an amount of time.
The siren can be manually turned off in the app.

There’s also no way to set how long it stays on for, this could be added to the #wishlist.


Thanks so much for your detailed steps. I am hoping that the siren has a baked in pre defined auto shut off time. Surely it does and I hope so otherwise people would get very annoyed rather quickly about the siren sounding for hours on end.

more than likely it uses the 30 second timer by default.

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This was very helpful. I am able to do this on my V2s and V3s, but do you know if it’s possible on the Outdoor Cam? The only option I see under triggers for the WCO is “Trigger when camera detects motion”. There is no option for “Trigger when camera detects a person”. (I do have CamPlus on my WCO,)

Yes it is a cool thing to be able to do. Now, I just wish Wyze would get it together with the human detection AI false positives stuff. Don’t want the alarm repeatedly sounding in the middle of the night for no reason.

This is great information and glad that I read this post. Also I think it furthers the argument that the forum be split up into different product categories. I just happened to notice the post sandwiched in between posts about thermostats, vacuums, and other Wyze devices.

this is currently being looked at :slight_smile:

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Has anyone tried this with an Android device? I have tried setting up a Shortcut rule and Device Trigger rule to trigger the alarm, but the alarm does not activate. I can activate the alarm manually from the app, so I know the alarm is working. The Android app is v2.17.7.

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On my Android device I have tried to set this rule up on my V3 to trigger the siren when motion is detected but did not work then tried my Wyze bulb to turn on when motion detected on the V3 but that didn’t work either.

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Thank you for the reply. I can control a Wyze plug (2021 version) via rules; I do not have a bulb to try.

I will leave it at that; this is an iphone/ipad thread, and do not want to hijack it further.

I can get a rule for the front door Wyze lock to turn a Wyze bulb on when the lock is unlocked but not the V3 camera to turn on siren with any Wyze device using a rule.