Add More Triggers for Wyze Rules

Can you make it possible for a Device Group to be used as a trigger. For example: I use multiple motion sensors across 2 rooms. I would like the lights to go on when any of the sensors are active and go off when all of the sensors are inactive. The device group displays when 1, multiple and none are active. So, I believe, this would be an easy addition. Treat the group as a device.

Really would like the ability to trigger the alarm built into the V3 Cam’s. I would love to be able to set a schedule and sound the alarm if a person is triggered for X amount of time, etc.

Had a situation where some local thugs are rifling through vehicles and would have loved to set the alarm off the other evening (automatically) to scare them off. Our vehicles are locked so he just kept on moving to the neighbors.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to setup a trigger or action for the sprinkler device.
Why would you need this ? Well I suffer from stray cats using my back yard as their toilet, and it struck me that a solution for this would be to turn a certain sprinkler on for maybe 30 seconds when I detect movement or pet recognition from my V3 cam. This could also work for people walking their dogs and allowing them on my front yard.
There are of course existing devices you can buy that do this…pressurized spray cans with sensors and pest deterrent sprinklers found at your local hardware store and pet store , but if you could do this with and existing cam and sprinkler device I think it would be a very cool addition.
It could be used for any kind of unwanted entry onto property that is covered by sprinkler.

Please allow motion detection to adjust brightness of Wyze bulb. Example when motion is detected change Wyze bulb x from warm medium illumination to bright white for 10 minutes.

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this one was brought up during testing ( I asked) and was quite requested. so I don’t doubt it’s something being looked into.

The alarm trigger is supported now, but it doesn’t work. See:

Edit: This explains how to add a trigger for the alarm:

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Please allow motion detection to adjust brightness of Wyze bulb. Example when motion is detected change Wyze bulb x from warm medium illumination to bright white for 10 minutes.

I second creating rules on loss of connectivity. I have one basement bulb on a switch at the top of the stairs, the rest are all manual pull strings. I want all the lights to remain in sync with the switched bulb but a bulb being offline is not recognized as Off in terms of Turn off or Off for x seconds.

I’m sure this has been asked on here, but I really need my Cam Pan to track motion ONLY when I have it set to detect motion (which is after-hours at my business). Thanks


The Wyze doorbell has a siren function, which is great! However, from what I can tell, that siren cannot be triggered using Wyze Rules. The only possible triggers are doorbell-specific, like turning the camera or notifications on/off.

What I’d like to do is be able to click a Rule saying I am on vacation and have it so that if Wyze Sense tells me any door or window is opened the siren would go off. This needs to be relatively independent of the doorbell, as I still want the doorbell sound to be a regular chime during that period.


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It would be useful if you could (A) create mutually exclusive modes – like “Home,” “Away,” “On Vacation,” – where selecting one automatically deselects the other and (B) program Wyze Rule triggers based on the mode.

E.g., if a door opens, I want lights to turn on, but only if I have selected the “away” mode, and not if I have selected the “home” mode.

I’d imagine for each trigger there’d be a place at the end where you’d then choose if it applies for all modes or just certain modes.

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Currently the spotlight can be set to always on or on when triggered if its dark. I would like to be able to set it to always turn on at night so it can act as a deterrent but the area it is covering is never dark enough for this to happen. It would be great to have it turn on with trigger no matter what the light level during certain hours. Since these cams are not on a battery, even having it always turn on with trigger can’t hurt.
I want an intruder to see my cam and leave rather than have a really nice video if him doing whatever he is there to do.

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Currently, we can set a Doorbell Device Trigger Rule that performs an action when a Person is detected during a certain time frame (like overnight), which is great!

But the options should include the ability to trigger a Chime alert of our choosing. Or have the doorbell itself sound off a chime or something like it currently does when a person presses it.

Basically, it would speed up the process of realizing someone is at your door, and potentially could let that person know they’ve been detected.

Would be even better if we could record a message or do text-to-speech of a message at the doorbell. Like “RECORDING IN PROGRESS” or “PERSON DETECTED”.

@Loki - can we add these two (home/away as modes and allowing triggering of the doorbell alarm)? :slight_smile:

I require an doorbell output to trigger my automation system and the wyze doorbell has no outputs or other means to trigger a device so the wyze plug was suggested so i went a bought one, but the only wyze app rules option is to turn on the plug on when the doorbell rings but then it just stays on permanently. I need it to turn off again.

please add a “turn on for: xx seconds” or even a timed “flash” option to the plug.
Imagine you want to turn on a light when the doorbell rings. would you want that light to stay on for hours?

MSWrightTX, if that will be the only function for the plug you can create a rule for If Wyze Plug X is on for 5 seconds, Then turn off Wyze Plug X

I would like to see rules/automation expanded on to allow more control of devices and their rules. The ability to have more then one trigger and more then one If statement would open up an entire new world of new possibilities.

Multilevel triggers:

For example the ability to add multiple device triggers. Eg. when a contact sensor opens AND motion is detected then turn on Wyze bulb. But not just one or the other it has to trigger both of these to activate the rule. This could certainly help to fine tune rules and make sure they only activate when you want them too. It is also helpful for multiple people in one house.

Eg. if there is motion in kitchen AND bedroom turn on Wyze bulb.

Eg. If there is motion in kitchen AND bedroom turn on Wyze bulb IF it’s between 5pm and 5am.

Multilevel IF statements:

I would also like to see the same thing with the IF statements portion of the rule as well as the ability to use device triggers and device status in the IF statement. Having the ability to add multiple IF statements and use device triggers/status will open up a lot possibilities for automations/rules. This would be the same as the triggers it would require it to meet both of the “IF” criteria to run the rule.

***Eg. when motion sensor detects motion turn on Wyze bulb IF it’s between 6pm and 10pm AND Wyze cam is on.

Eg. When kitchen motion sensor detects motion AND dining room motion sensor detects motion turn off Wyze cams IF it’s between 4pm and 6pm AND thermostat is set to home.

Eg. When motion sensor detects motion turn on Wyze bulb IF it’s between 5pm and 5am and thermostat is set to home

***The first example would allow you to turn on a light when motion is detected on Wyze sense (so you can have full color recording on V3 at night). The multilevel statement ensures that the light will only turn on if it’s dark outside AND the camera is on and ready to record the motion. Without multilevel IF statements the light would turn on anytime there is motion between those time regardless of if the camera is on and ready to record the event.

The second example would turn off your Wyze cams during dinner time if there is motion on two sensors but only if your thermostat is set to home. Ensuring somebody is home and that pets aren’t triggering the motion and turning on the lights when nobody is home.

The third example would turn on your lights when there is motion but the light would only turn on if the thermostat is set to home ensuring that you are actually home and that your pets aren’t triggering the lights to come on when they move around and nobody is home.

These are just a few things I came up with to demonstrate the use of the features I’m sure there are many other useful ideas that this can be implemented on.



When the doorbell senses motion at night it triggers the wyze porch lights and turns them on for a specific time ie. 1 min, 5 min. This is the way most outside lights work.

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that the spotlight connected to the Wyze cam v3 works with rules. You can set it to either stay on constantly when it’s dark or only when it detects motion. When it detects motion it stays on for 10 or 15 seconds. If the 2 cameras don’t turn their lights on and off at the same time, then the motion sensor in the camera perceives the change in light (from the other camera) as motion, thus activating the motion trigger and turning the light back on.