Wyze V3 partially recording events at night

I have cam plus and I am a newbie. I use it to record my sleep. It always shows detections in the first hour of my sleep and then the last hour. Between that I make a lot of movements. This is proven with other devices I use(dreem headset & QS band). But V3 is not recording it. Cam is reasonably close to my face so it should detect any changes.

It is also not recording my snoring. Absolutely no sound. I have full detection enabled for motion and sound.

Eg: when I go to bed I am side sleeping. But an hour before I wake up, I am sleeping face down. How I changed position is not recorded.

check your detection zone. if your zone isnt on you, it woldnt see the movement to record.

and being that it seems to be from your description pretty specific times it does not record, I would check schedules and rules. make sure you dont have it on anything that would be turning it off and then back on at specific times

thats all that comes to mind currently

It started recording more times after an update. Still, it leaves out intermittent changes. Eg: it shows side sleep and then later heads down. How I changed from side sleep to heads down is not recorded. This device is not dependable.

are you recording to an sd card or only using the event clips?

what are your current sensitivity settings at?