V3s not recording events

Added a 2nd V3 to my plan and now both cameras are failing to record motion. They both have the same issues occurring at various times.

  1. start recording halfway through an event
  2. stop recording halfway through an event
  3. miss recording events altogether

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When my cams were doing similar silly things, I jacked up the sensitivity to catch everything and slowly reduced it to where it was properly catching the AI events I was looking for. Then I dialed in my detection zones. It also helped for me to reposition cams so they were more reactive. V3 do have weaknesses in detecting motion in certain positions.

A bit more info might be helpful though…

  1. What plan are you speaking of? Lite, Plus, Pro?
  2. Is it only AI events being captured late or all motion?
  3. Are you using a detection zone?
  4. When is this happening? Day or IR night mode?
  5. Full length video or 12s?
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Thanks @SlabSlayer for the quick response.

  1. Plus
  2. Mostly AI
  3. Yes, detection zones are active.
  4. Happens sporadically, day or night.
  5. Full length videos.

Have adjusted sensitivity and detection zones with no noticeable change in recording of events.

I’ve had 2 cameras on a Plus plan for over a year.
Just recently upgraded the oldest cam to a V3.
Seems that is when this lapse in recording events began.
Here’s a screenshot example…subject had already past from left to right earlier and was not recorded. This recording started long after they had proceeded from right to left.

When the camera functions properly, it starts as soon a motion is detected from either side.

Not sure what would be causing that since it does appear that the CP is working properly. And, the V3 positioning does activate better w\ side to side movement.

I do know that they did just announce yesterday they updated the AI. Not sure when that actually rolled out to the cloud. But that may also have caused a change to what was being previously experienced.

All my V3 cams seem to have their own personality. The only variable between them is where and how they are positioned. Some have to be at a much higher sensitivity to trigger.