Should this have recorded?


I have a v3 cam set up on my parking pad and a pan cam that is viewing my back yard and parking pad.

My pan cam registered an event for the pickup truck pulling out and driving away however my new fancy v3 cam did not.

Am I being too picky? Is the point that you should have multiple cameras on any sensitive areas? Because the reliability of these cameras is a joke.

I was able to pull the video from the V3 because luckily I have a SD card in it but I am disappointed this did not record a event.

Meanwhile my other camera keeps recording events for motion that is outside the detection zone.

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Had their been a prior event on the V3 (maybe the driver walking over to or getting into the truck) that caused the 5 minute cooldown period? That is my first guess…
Adjusting sensitivity settings may also be part of the answer.
Yes, continuous recording to uSD cards and multiple camera angles improve seeing what is going on.


Are the cameras both inside looking through a window?

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Put the V3 outside where it belongs :grinning:


Are you using camplus or the free cloud service? What are your event recording and sensitivity settings for each camera? Amy detection zones setup on either? We will need to know this information before we can start to try and figure out what the issue is.

No motion prior but also I pay for cam plus so there should be no cool down.

V3 is outside, but thanks

Yes paying for cam plus on the v3 outdoor on the parking pad.

The pan cam is indoor looking through a window.

Attached are screen shots for other questions.


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Why you should almost never want to see ANY WALL and thay waist view to the right fix thay first plz and try to make it higher and turn up the motion sensitivity