V3 and Cam Plus

Attached is a 23 second event video from my V3 at 2:23 AM this morning. The V3 is set to record events and it is on Cam Plus. The CP video is only a fraction of the entire event that I viewed on playback from the SD card. The entire video shows the car coming down the entire street in view. Then the passenger gets out of the car and goes and snoops around both my white truck and the one in front of it. Both trucks were locked and I guess he didn’t see anything worth stealing. The passenger got back in the car and they left, the entire video is well over 1 minute long. So why is the CP video so short??? What a bunch of crap :roll_eyes:

What are your sensitivy settings? I bet the size of the car and the pixel change area of the headlights trips the threshold, but the silhouette of the person is not enough to keep tripping the threshold of the sensitivity settings. Any detection zone at play here? Based on the motion tagging it looks like only the headlights and the car when it first pulled up triggered the motion tagging, once the car does very fine or small movements and the person starts walking around there is no more motion tagging. It was at this time I bet camplus decided there was no more motion that was within its your sensitivity settings and stopped its event.

Sensitivity is at 51%, no detection zone. As I said the play back version shows the car way down the street as soon as it is in view of the cam. The CP version shows the passenger just opening the door then it stops even though he walked right past the front of the Silver Prius and over to my white truck which is about 23 feet away. I’m glad I have and SD card.

100%. I like camplus for the big stuff, but love that local storage (continuous) catches all the little inconspicuous things that I don’t care to get a notification for that I can review back later for and see.

Looks like the car would have driven onto the road right about at the top of the minute, which is when the new one minute file starts so it looks like the car enters the roadway at the start of the clip. If the car entered the frame at :45 second mark, you’d have 45 seconds of nothing if on event only to local storage, then the rest of the perp scouting the vehicles would have rolled into the next minute recording.

I would agree with Omgitstony that the guy walking around was below the motion sensitivity. Part of the reason that all of my cameras are set to continuous recording.

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He checked the mail box also because it was open this morning. I know it was empty because the mail comes at 4 PM and I never put anything in it to go at night. I took the SD card out of the cam and put in a 64 Gig card. The records on the card I took out are confusing since the times listed on the name of the files don’t match the times on the videos ? Maybe when I did sync this morning I screwed it up. This is the first time I ever took the card out to read /view the videos on my PC.