Wyze v3 night vision motion blur

I’ve noticed that there is quite a bit of motion blur with Wyze v3 night vision where subjects become unrecognizable when moving. I know the frame rates drop with night vision which I what I believe is leading to the blurry image of the moving subject. Any way to remedy this?

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I don’t think the frame rates vary, so I think you get what you get. However, a single frame may be exactly what you need.

I don’t see that at all

Correct that V3 Frames per second are about 20fps in daylight and when the nightvision with IR is active they drop to around 15fps

This does mean that things with a lot of fast movement will be a little more blurry when you are using nightvision than when you have night vision off (such during the daytime), because there are 5 fewer frames taken each second…slow movement won’t have much difference, but fast movement will have a bigger difference.

One way to help with this is to turn off the night vision and IR and leave the the night vision mode set to “off” instead of “auto” or “on”…now your V3 will run at a faster Frame rate, and things will be a little less blurry. To help ensure you can get decent video while doing this at night, make sure there is some kind of lighting source. Turn on porch lights at night, or get a Wyze Spotlight (which you can set to turn on at night or any time there is movement when it is dark, or get some other kind of light source. Sometimes night lights or solar charging lights are enough. A lot depends on your situation. The more light, the better. But at least this way your FPS rate is higher and so motion won’t be quite as blurry anymore because of the extra FPS.


Thanks for the input. Will give it a try.

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I’ve had this exact same problem for months and everyone told me I was making it up, expected too much from these cameras, wrong settings, etc.

It was explained pretty much the same way then, as it was above. By me actually.


To capture motion, more light is needed to correctly expose the frame. Stationary objects expose great in low light conditions because they don’t move. There are some folks in here that have great photos of birds in flight, because for that fast motion you need alot of light, and in every photo of birds in flight I’ve seen with a Wyze Cam has been in direct sunlight or in a really luminous area.


Yes. But they didn’t say that their spotlight was required to be able to use their cameras in night conditions. So that concept of security camera is pointless. They have the option to turn off the red lights so no one sees them. Why would I want a spotlight attached to it?

The wyze socket concept was great thought, except our front door light is on a timer and it turns on at certain times, so there’s no power that would go to it during the day.

And it still doesn’t make sense that only people are the issue with being blurred out. They will dissappear off the camera for no reason then come back in. Lighting the same.

If you say that the spot light is required for your use case and scenerio, I won’t tell you otherwise and trust that you’ve done your due diligence to understand the features, functions and limitations of the cameras. The spotlight is just an optional seperate accessory made to work with the v3 to enhance the area lighting for those that wish to buy it and use it.

If you use the “near” IRs on the v3, those are nearly invisible compared to the “far” IRs which have the way more noticeable red glow similar to the v2 ir lights.

Is this because only people are moving when the lighting conditions are low? I thought you said anything that moves is blurred?

People are blurred the worst. Cars don’t flow normally. They look like a frame by frame when driving by. I’ve made all the changes In settings. The lighting is consistent. It doesn’t seem to make a difference if they’re closer or farther on the upstairs cameras. The cam at the front door, I can see poeple just fine. Only if they’re on the sidewalk. If they’re a car length away in the street, it makes them blurry, day or night.