Wyze V3 Cams stopped working on all my Amazon devices using Skill


Me too, my wyze v3 is also unable to connect to Alexa for live view for past few days. It worked perfectly fine before that. Alexa says it’s unable to connect to the camera. I’ve unplugged the camera, disabled alexa wyze skills, and re-enabled it, I tried everything, but still no luck, but my wyze cam pan v3 works on Alexa live view.

My Wyze v3 cameras are also not working with Alexa. I tried everything you tried as well and didn’t have any luck either.

One solution to this problem is to use the App TinyCam on Fire Tablets of Generation 9. It works without any problems.
And does NOT use the Amazon Wyze Skill.
Please DO NOT introduce any problems with the way Wyze cam V3 and TinyCam work so well with Fire Tablets Gen. 9. You need the displays to work in order to sell your cameras.
Wyze makes and sells only one half of the Camera/Display combination. To keep Wyze customers happy you need to make sure your camera works with other companys’ displays. The hardware and software interface between two devices should almost NEVER be changed, especially between two devices made by different companies. A company can change things inside their own device, but should almost NEVER change the hardware and software interface between devices. I’ve learned this over many years of experience designing and leading computer system engineering projects.

Happened to me too! Go into your Alexa App and click on any camera (I used my phone to do this) and it some how connects it. Good Luck

I just updated Amazon Alexa on my phone right now, Wyze cam V3 now is working with Amazon Alexa live stream view. I think they fixed the issue

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CONGRATULATIONS to Wyze and Amazon for fixing this problem.
My Wyze cameras V3 are now working on all my Amazon devices.
Thanks for a quick solution to this problem.

Thanks to all who replied to my original post.


My Cams are also now working on Echo show/s again.


Down again but bulletins are up stating they are still working on a full recovery and will keep us posted.