WYZE Cam v3 Alexa link

I have setup my WYZE Cam v3 and the WYZE App is working perfect on my android smartphone.

I recently purchased an Echo Show 8 (2nd gen) from. AMAZON which said it was fully compatible with WYZE.

I have been able fo smart integrate / link my WYZE app to Alexa app and received an email from. Amazon to confirm wyze skill etc.

But in the Alexa app itself, it is saying the skill no longer exists.
When I try to find it or request Alexa to add it, nothing is available.

I rang Amazon and was told the WYZe Cam v3 is not. Comoatibke with Alexa but that is wrong.

I. Based in ireland and bought camera off Amazon co uk.

Can anyone. Help with troubkeshoot.
I wanted to. Use echo Show 8 as my screen for WYZE cam. V3 which
we are using as baby monitor.

Thanks in advance

I use V3’s as baby monitors for my 1yo and 3yo and stream them on an Echo Show 8 while I work at night. So I can absolutely guarantee you that it should work because I use it every day.

I’m not sure what to recommend to you if you can’t even see the skill at all. I just checked on my app and it’s still showing up for me. Maybe try to clear the cache from the Alexa app, reboot your phone, and see if that helps it show up in the app for you.


I would check to see if it is a location issue. Change your location to the US and see if the if it is available for you.

But as @carverofchoice indicated, the Wyze Cam V3 does work with the Amazon Wyze Skill, I have v3 cameras 5 camera attached to the Wyze Skill and can stream them.


Firstly, thanks for the reply and great to. Kmow that the Echo Show does work, clearly the Amazon customer service rep was taking an easy road out.

I have tried clearing the cache and a restart but unfortunately no luck.
Thank you for the reply and great to know that the Wyze can v3 do work with Alexa.


I agree with you, The rep had to be just guessing or making things up, because what they said is absolutely not the case. I guess you could try another rep. I wouldn’t let the new rep know what the previous one told you though, but if they try to say the same thing, tell them you talked to multiple other people who are able to do stream Wyze Cam V3 on Echo Show 8, so you know that’s not the case. Even so, you previously saw the Wyze skill, and now it disappeared from your view, so you know the Wyze skill exists because you saw it, and they should help you figure out what happened to it at the very least.

Let us know if you do get it figured out.

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Thanks for the reply and as mentioned above great to know it does work and can be linked.

I tried linking Alexa to the US and rebooting but getting the same message.

Can you share screenshots here. Still finding my way around

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In the Alexa app, if you go to the More Tab, Then Skills & Games, then search for “Wyze” does it show up there?

If not, I believe it is because of what @spamoni4 said about being international:

Source: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=202207000

So, it may be that Alexa doesn’t allow the Wyze Skill to be used if you aren’t in the USA. I wonder if there is a way to deny access to location or something to get it to work. Maybe trick Alexa into thinking you’re in the USA? It looks like the skills do try to see if you’re in an Alexa approved location:


Thanks again for all of your help.

I still cannot get it to work.
I have turned off location permissions and set up friends address in US. But it still will. Not trigger.

Not sure what else I can do

I spoke to support with wyze lqst night and they confirmed that skill should be available in UK amd Ireland

They are looking in to as part of future update but no timelines.
Do you. Know if thesearelengthy processes or happen?

They requesred my MAC ADDRESS.

It is a shame this still continues to be an issue. I raised it with both Amazon and Wyze. How can it be that none of these companies can fix this issue? I beg Wyze tonlook into this, so many other people having this issue and either get different cameras or they live without the Alexa integration. Please Wyze engineers come up with a solution.

I agree.

I ordered another wyze cam. But now am. Contemplating switching. To tapo as effort with wyze is too m

If anyone else has found a work around pleaselet me know.


All still no joy here with WYZE on a potential solution - just told that the information has been shared with the development team.

Has anyone else come across this issue with a solution? I can’t find anything online other than complaints.


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I had same response after wyze troubleshooted my v3 not displaying on echo show8. It says there was a problem connecting. I have a older version of wyze camera from years ago and that shows fine on my echo show 8 but not my new v3 i just purchased. It works on wyze app fine for both but not on echo show 8 for new v3.
They shared with their team after collecting my info but i wish i could find a solution.


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I have the same issue with my newer v3 wyzecams. I have posted additional info from my case here:


Thank you, yes im having same issue as you. I have galaxy s22 ultra and newest hardware v3 wyze cam.

Im thinking of ordering an og wyze cam to see if that will work with echo show and elxa app. Ill know more when i reveive them from amazon in a few days.

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