Wyze V3 Camera not working

Good afternoon,

My wyze V3 has stopped working in July. I have been trying everything to get it to work. I have unplugged it and plugged it back in. I have uninstalled it from my app and tried installing it back and it will not install. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did you get the camera working?

Thank you for any suggestions that may help me with this issue.

Have you tried using an alternate power adapter and cable? Do you have other cameras or devices working to eliminate the possibility of a networking issue?

You did not say where the ‘add camera’ process went wrong. Did it say “Ready to Connect”, “QR Code scanned” or anything else?

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For future reference to others coming to the forum for help. We can’t be expected to guess what your configuration, your network, your router brand/model, what version of the app, what firmware you have installed. Or what you have already tried to do to correct the problem. Incidentally, this information is necessary as the thread grows longer. You don’t want to answer the question one at a time, no one wants to ask them one at a time.

You are likely frustrated and angry that you are having a problem. If you are looking for the most refined, straightforward assistance and not have to read unrelated explanations from simply other users like yourself that are trying to help you - you should highly consider writing and editing your question/post to maximize the most information possible the first time. People here are trying to help. They are unpaid volunteers sharing their knowledge and experiences. Take advantage of that, but do your part to help them help you. Please.

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had similar issues. I discovered that the cable connection had rusted causing the problem. apparently not watertight or rust resistant.