Wyze v1/v2 cam Strobe light flashing at night

Hi the wyze cam is working great except in the middle of the night it will start flashing a bright yellow light. Almost creates a Strobe effect. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. We use it as a baby monitor and it makes up the baby. It is really bright. Anyone else having this issue and know how to fix it?

Are you talking about the status light on the back? If not, what light?

Yes I believe it is coming from the back, however it is brighter and more abundant than a normal status light.

Any idea what it is and why it would flash repeatedly in the middle of the night? It lights up the whole bedroom ( not exaggerating)


Here’s an explanation of why you may be seeing the blinking yellow light.



Turn off the status LED would “fix” that. These cams only have yellow or blue, don’t think I have seen another color. However, if it is blinking, then, you have issues, and you shouldn’t trust that cam to monitor your baby.

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You may have a very intermittent connectivity issue, so do explore the Connectivity Issues section of the support site that is posted above.

In the mean time, from the camera’s live stream, tap the gear icon, then Advanced Settings > Camera Status Light. This will let you turn off the light on the back of the camera. If the connectivity issue is not affecting your usage, then this may be all you need to do.

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@Loki and @ShadowCam are correct about turning off the status light through the app. But please keep in mind this may limit your ability to diagnose issues with your camera later on. (Don’t ask me how I know this… :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Good point. A tiny piece of black electrical tape would work too. Then if you need to see the light for diagnostic purposes, just pull off the tape. Low tech, but that would do the job.

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Don’t even need black tape… just some regular semi-transparent tape will “tone” it down, while still allowing you to see it without removing it.

The more layers you add, the duller it will be.