How can I turn the status light completely off?

I have a problem with the Wyze Cam status light. I use the Wyze Cam V2 as a baby cam. I turned the status light off in the Advanced Settings. However, it happens few times now that due to internet issues, or other router updates, the status light start flashing in the middle of night and then wakes up the baby…(when the Wyze Cam finally back online, the status light is then off). is there a way to make sure the status is completed off and not flashing randomly? Not sure if anybody has the same problem. Really appreciate some help!!

Cover it with electrical tape or something similar? Pretty low tech answer for ya. :slight_smile:.

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Hahaha, thanks! That’s what I did for now. The frustrating part is that the light still leaks through the USB plug and quite visible when flashing in the midnight :joy:

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