Does the Outdoor Wyze cam "Status" light blink profusely when transmitting data - and can I turn it off completely?

I’d like to know if the status light on the WyzeCam outdoor V1 blinks profusely when transmitting data. And if so, how can I just shut it off completely when it is positioned for monitoring my surroundings? The status light and what it’s doing is of no use to me, whatsoever, once fully charged and positioned because I’m nowhere near it. It only attracts attention from those who might be in eyeshot of the camera. And I don’t want to draw attention to the camera.

I have 4 version 1 WCO and I see no setting in the app to turn the status light on or off like my other plug in cameras have.

Agreed, and that’s why I posted this question. It burns my XXX that I can’t turn off the status light like I can on the other regular WyzeCam cameras. I don’t want to attract attention to my cameras…AT ALL!

Since the LED light is on the back of the camera can’t you just cover it with something like electrical tape? Easy to apply and remove.

Seriously? That doesn’t sound like the idea solution to me. If they can offer the option to silence the activity/status lights on their other cameras they should offer it on this also. I’m not opposed to waiting for a firmware/software update to make it happen. Let’s just get it done!

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As you have requested, so have I done!

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Now you need to put blinders on the WCO Red IR lights that are visible to humans :grin:
I don’t care about the status light on the WCO, all my cams are in plain view, not reachable except the critter cam that is sitting 4 inches above the ground.