Wyze Updates

Is there any update on this issue? It had been a few weeks already.

This fix will be in the 2.34 app release coming up.


Any update Jason? The cameras inside are kinda important for my business.

The video should still be there on the sd card if you need it, you just can’t jump to it.

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Like @IEatBeans stated, the videos on your SD card are still there if you have the local storage setup and enabled. The clickable link on the cloud event is just one of the ways to access your SD card local storage.

Do follow this thread or the #news catagory for updates when they are released. This issue is a priority and a fix is currently in beta testing. It will be very known when the update is pushed to the production side.


The fix is in the 2.34 version which is in beta currently. Like others have pointed out the video is still on your micro SD card you just currently have to get to it the long way unfortunately.


Jason, I do not want to be pushy but any update?

The same as before, the fix will be on the 2.34 app update which is currently in beta testing.

Any time frame?

If all goes well it will be a few weeks.

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Update when available and give it a try…


Do not see the update in the app.

It’ll be there. Keep checking. The rollout is not immediate.

Still do not see the update. Is there anything that can be done?

Go to the App Store and check the app.
(the update should show up there),
Click update and voilà.


Negative…I see the app and the only option is open!

Have you tried turning your phone/device off/on again?

Maybe it auto updated, what is the app version that the app says it is? Account → About

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If you tap on the WYZE Logo in the app store it will say update, I did mine a few days ago.

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