Wyze Unlock not working

Autolock has never worked in 10 days of owning. Galaxy S20, Data Saver Battery overridden for Wyze, Gateway 8 feet from Google Mesh router, Lock 5 feet from Gateway, Bluetooth on, WiFi on, 4G tower visible from house (100% connection).

Is there something else to set?

I have the very same problem with my iPhone on this lock, I would say less than 50% on the unlocking. All other features work fine but the unlock works randomly, mostly when I don’t need it. When it does work it seems to sense when my hands are full and waits patiently until I put everything down on the ground and get the key out of my pocket, then it will open. Yes, I have checked all the boxes and went through the support system trying different things with no help. now I have wasted $$$.

Give it up! Auto-unlock just doesn’t work plain and simple. You may get it to open here and there but it will never be something you can depend on when your hands are full carrying something and really need it. Best solution is get the keypad though not hands free it works 100% of the time.