Wyze Throttling TinyCam Too?

Are others having trouble monitoring Wyze cameras via TinyCam lately?

I fear that the admitted connection throttling they put in place against HomeAssistant users may ALSO be degrading TinyCam use. See thread link below.

For the last week I can’t seem to maintain connections to my Wyze cameras on my TinyCam console. Errors include “P2P Failed to start session (AV_ER_SESSION_CLOSE_BY_REMOTE)”, "P2P Failed to start session (AV_ER_REMOTE_TIMEOUT_DISCONNECT), and a couple of others. Resetting/restarting only works sometimes. I am not a HomeAssistant user and just have a few Wyze products.

“Is it just me?”

Although not impossible, it is highly unlikely that Wyze is doing anything to throttle TinyCam. If they were, it would probably affect the Wyze app as well since the connection mechanism is the same, as far as I know. The problem with Home Assistant was that the wyzeapi continuously queried the Wyze servers for the status of various sensors. The api has since been modified to not support any of the Wyze Sense products.

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Thanks, but isn’t it one and the same? That is, TinyCam uses the documented authentication mechanism (care of team NB Lavoie) and so does the HA hack?

HA does use the same authentication process but the issue that caused Wyze to throttle accounts was the constant polling of the sensor status from the Wyze servers. The wyzeapi integration was hammering the servers, tinycam doesn’t do that so there shouldn’t be any reason to throttle that activity.

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I think the difference with the cams, is that they connect to the Wyze server temporarily to get authorization the establish a local connection. After that, there shouldn’t be much load from the camera on the Wyze servers in theory from what I’ve been told.

With Home Assistant, the add-on was continually polling the servers to see if anything changed on the sensor status. It didn’t establish a local connection for those, so it was continually draining the Wyze servers’ resources.

They may have changed the throttling, but the previous throttle was more of a long term suspension. So if it’s hard to hold onto an ongoing going connection with the cams through tiny cam, but possible to try again and still connect at least temporarily, then that should mean this is not the same issue, but could still be something similar and related (ie: a timeout/disconnect for something), though that seems really weird if the connection is entirely local and shouldn’t be affecting them anymore after it’s established. Causing people to have to connect back over and over again will make things worse for them because it will have to keep authenticating through their server for the initial authorization…which would be unnecessary if they just let it stay connected. So it seems to me it SHOULDN’T be something they are doing intentionally here. Best thing to do would be to post the issue in the Tiny Cam Forums. Alexy has been pretty good at resolving issues he is informed about.

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Well I started up TinyCam Pro on my Fire stick and it seems to be getting steady streams there. So maybe this is just my Fire tablet with a problem - it’s the same one whose display went bad last week so maybe its networking capability is crippled too. (Yet it still gets a successful stream from my non-Wyze onVIF camera.)

Thanks for the replies.

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