How does TinyCam connects to Wyze cameras?

How does TinyCam connects to Wayze cameras? I am not asking how to view my cameras in TinyCam, my question is how they connect to them w/o RSTP .

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thanks Mixonepa, I know how to setup my cameras with TinyCam, My question is how does TinyCam is able to connect to my cameras with my account settings. Is there any way I can achieve this w/o using TinyCam? what ports protocols etc they use ?

Based on the video, it looks like you give the TinyCam app your credentials to Wyze for access.

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it seems that you don’t want to understand the question.

I would recommend contacting the author of the TinyCam app for your question. Wyze doesn’t have a partnership with TinyCam.

We’re attempting to answer your question the best that we can with your limited details. TinyCam is using your Wyze acct credentials to show you your cams. No different than you giving me your password and I show you your cams. Not hard to understand, no need to be rude. As the other poster suggested, it’s best you contact the TinyCam app and seek the information from them.