Unable to connect cameras with tinyCam Pro

I have a cam v3 and cam/floodlight that i just installed and working well with the Wyze app and Akexa. I am unable to connect with tinyCam Pro. Entered mandatory settings, Wyze username and Password. Tried all 3 protocols. Camera status is enabled and Channel #1.

Camera status says not checked. Press to check Video -failed. Check username and password. They are correct… Both RTSP protocols show correct IP address, but “video failed”. Port 80 and RTSP port 554.

Can’t think of anything else to try. Please help.

You won’t be using RTSP for those cameras, which is why it isn’t working. Need native Wyze connections.


I have all my cams on TCP without having any RTSP settings set. Just their native firmware.

Here is the setup tutorial (with a downloadable how to link in the first post) to get your cams on TCP:


Right. While there was a special RTSP Wyze firmware, the regular firmware does not support it. There are 3rd party hacks too.

However the beautiful and nearly unique part of TinyCam is that it supports the native Wyze streams without RTSP.

You can let TinyCam autodiscover your Wyzecams or enter these settings.

Camera Brand: Wyze Labs
Camera Model: Wyze Cam
Protocol: Cloud
Username: your Wyze associated e-mail address
Password: your Wyze password
Camera UID: click to select your Wyze camera name (older method involved selecting a channel ID)

EDIT: Argh, @SlabSlayer beat me to it… although that predates the UID feature …