Wyze thermostat with non communicating heat pump (bosch) and aux furnace

replacing HVAC setup: wondering if wyze thermostat can handle it?

  • Bosch Heatpump
  • Gas Furnace single stage (to kick in if temp are too cold, or HP is not able to manage)


  1. if wyze doesn’t permit me to set a temperature when gas furnace should kick in besides HP, has wyze got some logic that will trigger it (e.g. use internet data to guess my weather, or monitor that HP is not able to heat up home etc) – if neither, is this a dead end?
  2. if somebody knows more about non communicating Bosch HP, please confirm that this can be treated as single stage HP from thermostat perspective (and it self manages across variable stages)
  3. if this setup works somehow, which wire should go where (HP, Furnace, coil, fan etc).

Currently, I do not recommend using wyze’s thermostat with a heat pump. They have made some seriously questionable design and software decisions. There is no outdoor temperature sensor hookup or any way to set how it decides to turn on backup heat. It may run backup heat at the same time that it is running your heat pump. It may not turn on the house blower fan, because they don’t want to have separate settings for gas and electric heat sources. Until wyze hires someone who knows how a thermostat controlling a heat pump is supposed to operate, stay away.


That settles it :frowning_face: