More than 1 Wyze Thermostat

I have a first floor furnace in the garage and a second floor furnace in the attic and outside there is 1 A/C compressor for the 1st floor and a heat pump for the second floor. I have a Wyze thermostat for the 1st floor configuration and all is fine. The second floor is a bit different. There is a gas furnace/air handler in the attic. In cold weather the heat pump will come on first and if it’s too cold, the heat pump stops and [date=2021-01-09 time=16:48:00 timezone=“US/Eastern”]triggers the gas assist furnace. after it gets close to the the correct temperature, sometimes the heat pump comes back on. I also have an emergency heat setting where only the gas furnace is used for heating. The heat pump won’t come on if this setting is selected. I’m thinking of getting another Wyze thermostat for the upstairs unit.
Two questions. Can the Wyze thermostat accommodate the heat pump including the emergency heat setting? Can the Wyze app accommodate 2 thermostats?