Wyze thermostat, 2 stage heatpump with Gaz furnace


I have a new heatpump, its a 2 stage. Linked to an AUX gas heater.

That’s a new install, before I had an AC with the W1 gas heater already configured and working.

Now I have two heating source,

Reset multiple times the wyze thermostat, I have my C, G, O/G, W1, Y1, Y2 connected.

I never get to trigger the heat pump in heat, what ever I do Its never kicking in heat.

Any advice?

I did the swap cool to heat, and all.

need pictures of wiring at air handler/furnace and thermostat

Alright so it’s heating…

But here’s my issue now, I have a heat pump and a gas furnace. I want to heat pump to run until the gas it on. Right now the heat pump is working at the same time than the gas furnace which is. Or good for the heat pump.

It’s wired as an auxiliary heater for the gas furnace. Do I need to wire it as an emergency heater ?

Unfortunately, i don’t think the wyze thermostat is able to do what you want it to. It doesn’t have the programming needed to tell it to run like that.