Wyze Thermostat With Heat Pump

I am thinking about buying the Wyze Thermostat but had a question about Emergency and AUX heat.

My current Thermostat displays when the unit is using Aux Heat if it is too cold outside and has a button to turn on Emergency Heat should the Heat Pump fail.

Does Wyze have these features? Can I tell if it is on Aux Heat and can I turn on EM heat?


I am also looking to find the answer to this.

I am also wondering this question and also trying to figure out where to connect the emergency wire labeled E on my old thermostat to the new thermostat.

I have a Black and White Aux wires both connected to W2 if that is of any help.

Your E might be jumped to W2 or Aux. It was for me. I think you can nix it as the device knows how to call for 2nd stage and emergency using the 1 wire (W2/AUX)

I’d also like to know how the Wyze thermostat decides when to use aux heat, and how we can have more control over it.

It is 14° outside today and my heat pump was on for about 45 min holding temp, when we finally felt aux heat kick on and rapidly heat the house within 10 minutes.
I would like to know what the deciding factor is.


Same wish we had more insight

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Doing a test, it seems that when I bump the temp up more than 5 degrees, it kicks on second stage.


Does it show Aux or emergency heat on the display to let you know it was on when you did thst.

I can use a program that monitors my current draw for my heat pump.

What happens when I’m running the heat after 30 minutes auxiliary heater comes no matter what the temperature outside is. During the cold weather that we’ve had in Tennessee the last few days I’ve noticed that even if it’s 40° outside the auxiliary heater comes on 30 minutes later even if the thermostat is only one degree away from being satisfied. You are correct if you raise the temperature on the thermostat 5° auxiliary will come on immediately. That is not the problem though. I do not want to auxiliary heater coming on unless it’s cold outside and it really has to. What I’ve done to solve this problem temporarily is I’ve disconnected one of the 5kw heater Stacks so that when it does come on it doesn’t rot as much current. I hope this is something Wyze will fix. Or an option to set the the threshold time maybe to an hour or an hour and a half of running time. My heat pump can handle my house down to about 10 degrees with no auxiliary Heat. The heat pump is much more efficient than the electric stack heaters.

If you set the thermostat to cut back at night so you can sleep with a cooler temperature when you raise the temperature in the morning with the automatic programming it is going to turn on the axillary every time and that’s not needed in a lot of cases.


This is awesome!! Thanks so much for the information. Like you said I’d like better control over it. And integration with outside temp as well. We can input our location in the app, which i would believe is for determining temps in our local area

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This is all good information but does not answer my question.

How can one tell if AUX heat is on and how does one turn on Emergency Heat if needed?

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There is no current way to tell. Not a way to turn on Aux manually. :frowning:

This would seem like a big hole in the product.

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After much troubleshooting, it would appear our heat pump is not working or not working efficiently, as it would run non-stop trying to heat the house. so we had to put the old thermostat back on so we can heat the room with the coils instead , which takes just a few minutes, it is not ideal to have to bump up the desired temp every time an extra 5 degrees for the 2nd stage to come on in the wyze app.

Hope once wyze comes back from holiday, they will have some quick software - firmware updates. I should have just waited originally to install after the holidays, instead of try to figure all this out.


I agree. I am hoping this was just an oversight with an easy fix.

Same here and following.

I’ve noticed the same thing with my heat pump and this thermostat. I haven’t timed it, but I can feel the aux heat kick on near the end of every cycle no matter what the temperature differential is. I opened a support ticket about this, but I’m guessing that may just be the way it is? If so, I’m going to have to go back to my old thermostat, no way I want aux heat on every call for heat. Like you, my heat pump works fine until much below the current 40’s we’re seeing, no reason for aux heat.

And for rkthomas, you can’t from the thermostat. If you measure the air temp from a vent, typically my heat pump is mid-upper 80’s, with aux heat it’s 110-120, so pretty obvious.

I have a heat pump with auxillary heat and installed the thermostat yesterday. I’m having the same issues… If the system runs for 30 minutes, the auxiliary heat is kicking in. Even when indoor temp has reached the set point or even exceeded it by a degree. I’m measuring temps out of vents - up until the 30 minute mark, it’s blowing out mid to high 80s, then it hits 110-130 degrees once the heat strips turn on.

The thing is, it doesn’t need to be running for 30 minutes to begin with. I’ve been paying close attention to the cycles and measuring temp near the thermostat… When I have set point at 70, the thermostat indoor temp will get down to 69 and I can confirm that temp is correct with the other thermometer. BUT when the system starts up, the thermostat indoor temp reading drops to 68 within a minute, then 67 within the next minute. Meanwhile, my thermometer near the thermostat is slowly rising past 69. From there, the Wyze indoor reading is lagging behind the rest of the cycle by about 2-3 degrees. Once it shows it’s at the set point of 70, that’s actually 2 or 3 degrees lower than my other thermometer. By the time the thermostat hits 71 it’s been 30 minutes and it’s calling for auxiliary heat…even though the actual temp near the thermostat is 73-74. Then, the cycle ends with the thermostat showing an indoor temp of 72…which then jumps to 74 within a minute. Then the whole process repeats.

I called today hoping to get answers and to find out about where the temperature differential setting can be found, but they had to forward my questions via email to a specialist. Still haven’t heard anything back. I don’t understand why the thermostat shows an immediate 2 degree drop upon starting a heating cycle, but it’s causing a lag that makes the system run much longer than needed, which then kicks on the heat strips after 30 minutes because it thinks it’s colder inside the house than it actually is.

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That’s interesting. I don’t see the temp drop in the reading on the thermostat like you’re seeing. I do see 1-2 degrees of overshoot sometimes though, and it seems like the temp swings are much larger than I’m used to. I hate to say it because I’ve been super happy with Wyze products to this point, but I think I’m going to have to go back to my old thermostat. This one doesn’t seem like it’s up to par, and if the aux heat has to be on a timer? That’s a deal killer for a heat pump.

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