Add Wyze Thermostat with Heat Pump

I would like to install a wyze Thermostat in an Airbnb home but it has a heat pump. My question is if the outside temperature falls below 20 degrees does the thermostat know to shut off the compressor on the outside and use just the aux heat, or does it still run the compressor regardless?

The Wyze Thermostat is compatible with “Most single-stage and multi-stage conventional and heat pump heating and cooling systems”. This link has a compatibility checker if you know the wire connections your thermostat is currently using:

According to the wiring it is compatible, but I just want to make sure it will shut off the outside compressor at 20 degrees and automatically kick over to aux heat without forcing the compressor to run continuously.

No, it will not do this. it will attempt to run the compressor for a while first and if it doesn’t get warmer fast enough it will run the backup heat. It has no outdoor temp sensor or hookup for one to know when it’s too cold to make your heat pump run efficiently, and the emergency heat mode is just an on/off switch. For some reason, they didn’t make the emergency heat mode thermostatically controlled.

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I defer to @speadie on this, they are most knowledgeable on this subject.

This is still not an option. Hopefully they update the app to pull weather information for this capability, but currently you have to rely on the manual temp switch that should be located on your heat pump itself. At this moment, there doesn’t seem to be much for heat pump logic and is just a basic thermostat with app / schedule capability.