Wyze thermostat old to new mapping

I’m trying to map my old thermostat wiring with the wyze thermostat wiring. It has 7 wires.
Unfortunately, I’m stuck.
My old thermostat has E/W1 – for black wire (only 1 wire), whereas on wyze. it has 2 connections, E and W1 separate.
Here is my wiring on my old thermostat.

I was able to map the following:
R → Rc
O → O/B
C → C
Y1 → Y/Y1
G → G
W2 → W2

Where should the black wire go? E or W1?

It should be W1

Thank you! I put that in W1 and turned on the unit. However, it says incorrect wiring and points to star (*) and G.
what should I do?

Post a picture of your wiring at the Wyze thermostat

keep trying and skip the error.

There is no way to skip and move forward on iOS.

Here are the pictures. Trying out different options, but nothing is working.

I would delete/reset & start from scratch. Press the knob in for 10-15 secs to reset. If you told the app that the black wire was E, then it’s expecting a wire on *. Tell the app it’s a W1 instead of E.

You should be able to keep pressing “check again”, and eventually it will allow you to skip. Really wyze needs to get rid of the wire detection, it’s making things worse for most people.