Wyze thermostat not turning on compressor

Any input can be helpful. It turns on heat and the fan but won’t turn on the compressor or compressor fan. Tested the fuse at the compressor and has power in and out.

Is the first image cropped down? Do you have a larger image that shows what that blue wire is doing? You appear to have 3 separate thermostat cable runs to this thermostat. Were any of the wires not connected to your thermostat connected with wirenuts?

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Attached picture of the handler in the attic.

Blue wire and other wires were for dampers that are no longer being used. Old unit was a comfort 365. It would be nice if the wyze unit can somehow control them.

I bought a generic thermostat and it works fine. I’m thinking I have a bad wyze unit.

Yeah, with your current wiring and the wiring on your furnace board, it should be working. Your wyze shows that you have cooling, correct? If it does have a cooling mode, and even when cooling mode is on it doesn’t cool, then you probably have a bad thermostat and should contact support to get a replacement.

To easily verify if your thermostat is bad, connect the Green wire to the Y1 terminal and turn on cooling. Lave the yellow wire somewhere it will not come into contact with any other wire. If the thermostat is good, the whole house fan should run. if it does not run, you have a bad Y relay on your wyze thermostat.

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