Wyze thermostat - AC compressor not turning on in cooling mode

Hi. Appreciate any help. Goodman gas furnace/handler with separate AC compressor. Heat and AC worked fine last summer before the install. Installed in winter and heat works fine. Air handler circulates air in cooling mode but compressor doesn’t turn on at all (including after cleaning it out and changing fuses). Believe it is wiring problem.

Compressor is “Perfect Star” brand PA10JA042000ADAA. Furnace/handler is Goodman GDS80904BXCA.

Forum not letting me attach more than one photo, so here is original thermostat wiring (which worked):

From other photos:

At Wyze thermostat, i have connected wires Y1, W1, Rc, and C (labelled as such before disconnecting from original thermostat per guide). In comparing wire colors, looks like the wire that connected to G in the old thermostat is now labelled C and connects at C in Wyze thermostat.

At adapter, i have connected R, G, W, Y (C not connected)

At handler, I have connected Y, W, R, G, C from the adapter (no other ports on the board)

There is a sticker on a bundle of wires at handler(?placed on install?) on the wires at the handler stating

blue = c

green = g

white = w1

brown = w2

purple = y1

red = r

yellow = y2

Any ideas?

Can finally attach more photos:


Why do you have Y1 and Y2 marked on that tag?
Where was the purple wire connected before you hooked up the wyze? Where is it connected now?
Where does your outdoor unit connect to the thermostat? Do you have an image of what your air handler board looked like before you moved any wires?
Find the splice point on the wiring where the outdoor unit connects to the thermostat wiring and take a picture of that.

Thank you for the help. Unfortunately I lost pic of original handler board (lucky i recovered thermostat pic), but have an educated guess about prior wiring.

Not sure why the tag has Y1 and Y2. When I google the code on the corner a Goodman manual popped up, so I am guessing it is a generic tag used when the furnace/handler was installed. The tag surrounds the five wires that originally went to the handler board, colored (to my eye, color blind) white, red, green, yellow, blue (on top of picture below showing splicing). I don’t see a purple wire and to my awareness my cooling isn’t two stage.


The blue wire I capped off with electrical tape and I had labelled it as C wire during install, so I am guessing this used to attach to the C terminal in handler board. The other wires are entering the C adapter, and previously attached to the other terminals on the handler board.

The wiring goes through a long distance of wall before getting to outside unit, so hard for me to be sure which wires come from it. there are wires coming from a fuse on the wall next to the handler into the handler, looks like they may go elsewhere on the handler board and I know I didn’t alter them:

The yellow wire from the thermostat needs to go to the Y connection on the C adapter. The Y wire from the outdoor unit (This is the White wire that is spliced to the Yellow wire in the wire bundle that you are not holding onto) needs to be removed from the yellow wire on the thermostat and go to Y on the air handler board, not the C adapter.
The blue wire needs to go to C on the air handler.
When this has been completed, the outdoor unit should run properly.

You will probably need an additional piece of wire to connect the white Y wire from the outdoor unit to the Y terminal on the air handler. Also, make sure to turn off power to the air handler when you do this or you could blow a fuse.

next to the outside unit, with a wire bundle attaching ti it, on the house wall next to the fuse box, is this:


blocked in pic, but on this circuit board, next to one yellow wire is written COM and next to the other yellow wire is written CN.

I cant tell what that is, the picture is too small. maybe an energy saver or peak shutdown unit, or time delay. It’s not your problem, whatever it is. From the higher res image, it is a utility load control- you probably have the ability for your power company to turn off your AC during peak times in exchange for slightly lower electricity usage.

Photos in better resolution:

Thanks for your help! Will try this.

So this would mean that when I connect the Y wire from outside unit and the blue wire to the air handler board, then I will disconnect those two wires from the air handler board that are coming from the C adapter, and leave the other C adapter wires in place. And I will not be changing the current wiring at the thermostat.

When this is done, you will have 2 Y wires on the Y terminal of your air handler (one from the white wire on the outdoor unit and one from the C adapter), and 2 C wires on the C terminal of your air handler (one from the blue/red wire on the outdoor unit and the C wire from the C adapter.

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worked. thank you speadie! hope wyze is giving you a consulting fee.