Wyze Thermostat Not Sending 24 volts to AC contactor

I’ve done a ton of troubleshooting and can’t figure this out.

My AC’s contactor isn’t getting 24 volts in from the control board.

Everything else is fine. When I set the system to cool, the blower turns on. 24 volts are coming from the transformer. But not leaving the board to the outside unit.

It seems like the problem is that power isn’t being drawn through the c-wire adapter. Though I’ve tried checking all the connections.

Any advice would be welcome.

how many wires were on the Y terminal at the control board when connecting the c wire adapter? if there were 2, did u move them both to the adapter? if yes, there’s your issue, only the wire coming from the tstat goes on the adpater (1 wire per connector on the adapter), the other wire goes to your condenser and needs to stay on the control board

Only one. Pic attached.

the pic doesn’t show the wires you have connected/wired to the adapter (not the factory wires coming out of the adapter)

Unless your system works differently, I would expect to see two wires coming from the Y and C terminals on the air handler that go out to the A/C unit’s contactor. I don’t see those here, which would explain why the contactor doesn’t get power. Would you happen to have a pic of the air handler terminals before you added the C-adapter?