Wyze Thermostat - No "Turn on auto mode" rule action?

Am I just blind or is there really no “Turn on auto mode” option for the Wyze Thermostat device trigger rules? I can set it to heat, cool, and off in the app but I can’t set it to auto mode.

I’m currently trying to make it so that when my entry senor v2 closes it automatically turns my thermostat on and sets it to auto mode, and when it opens I have it setting it to “Off Mode” so that I never have to remember to turn on/off the thermostat when opening my windows. I guess I can only get half-way there with Wyze, right?

I really can’t believe they decided that nobody would ever want to move their thermostat into Auto mode using a rule. Someone please tell me I’m just missing something obvious.


I just found this same issue as I was trying to setup rules that turned the thermostat off at certain time of the day when I know I absolutely won’t use it. But I wasn’t able to make a rule that will turn it back on at certain time after it’s been turned off.
I can turn on cool, turn on heat, and turn on “Off”; set to home, away or sleep, But no way to simply turn it on “Auto”.