Thermostat Turned on By Itself and wont turn off

Yesterday I noticed that my Wyze Thermostat turned itself on while I was at work. I know this because, in the morning, I opened the app to check the temperature in the house, and it was set to OFF. When I opened the app to check the temperature at the end of the day, the thermostat was set to COOL and was running for at least 2 hours.

When I tried to set it back to OFF, it automatically turned itself back on. I tried to turn it off using the actual Thermostat, but it still turned itself back on. I called Wyze support and they told me if I had a schedule programmed, it would change the mode from OFF to COOL at the scheduled times. This does not make sense to me and has never operated in that way before. If the Tstat is set to OFF, it should never follow the schedule for cooling or heating. In addition to that, the Tstat should never turn on by itself ever! There should be fail-safes to prevent this. This is a fire and safety hazard, not to mention a waste of electricity. In my case, the AC was running all day with the windows open.

Wyze had me do a factory reset and it appears to have fixed it, but I dont feel safe continuing to use it. Especially when Wyze told me to “just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesnt turn on by itself again”. Has anyone else had this issue?

Take the display off the wall and then plug it back in , whenever mine acts up this is what I do