Thermostat changing temps on its own

Thermostat is changing thermostat night from my set point of 73 to 63. Its causing my ac unit to freeze up. How can i stop this?

I have no rules set. Schedule settings are set to hold 73.

Do you only have one schedule set or multiple schedules? Can you post screenshots please?

Is there a specific time this is happening?

Are you running in Auto or Cool only?.. Does it change the set temp of the cool only or does it also adjust the heat set temp?

Does it change the set temp only or is it also changing the mode from Sleep to… ?

Are you using any remote sensors?

Schedule screenshots attached. 1 schedule M-F, another one for Sat, Sun.

It only happens when we are sleeping. Seems like it changes early in the morning (3-5ish).

Running on Auto.

Havent checked the heat temps and havent had it long enough to use heat. So, it seems like it only changes the cool temp.

Sleep mode settings dont change. It only changes set temp.

No remote sensors

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Do you have remote sensors? if you do, are they participating in the Thermostat control and do you have the Motion Sensing Comfort turned on for the remote sensors.

In addition, do you have the Auto Switch on in settings? This will use the motion sensor on the T-Stat to determine if someone is home or away.

Autp switch is off. No remote sensors.

This is definitely a puzzler. One other question, what do you have your Differential Temperature set to? Mine is set to .5 degrees as I want to maintain as close to the temp as possible.

Just trying to reason out some possibilities.

Is your Wyze Thermostat shared with any other Wyze User?

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