Wyze Thermostat Sleep mode temp settings not saving

I changed my wyze thermostat’s Sleep mode temperature preference to a couple degrees higher than the default 70. While the app is showing the changes were saved, the thermostat is still only heating to the default 70.

This is going to be very hard to spot (unless you have young kids and/or a spouse in your house that will wake up when it’s too cold…), since it’s during the unspecified times of Sleep mode and will require you to open the app to check the temp as well.

Anyone else seen this yet?

I did have a similar issue but wasn’t sure if it was user error.

-ensure you are clicking save twice once for the temp, and again when you exit the temp prefs

-ensure you have no schedules set that would trump these settings

even though when setting up the thermostat i picked to have no schedules, it appears the default schedule was still being applied. i deleted it, so i dont know what temp settings it was applying.

i did change all the home/away/sleep temp preferences and those preferences werent being applied either way. it’s pretty bad app programming if these mode settings do not carry over to those modes as indicated in a schedule.

I’m having similar issues with the app and saving settings. I ensure the app saves it, and then I go back and double check and sometimes the settings (temp) are defaulted to what they were when I set up the thermostat originally, not to what I revised them to.

For example last evening I made sure everything was set to 70 degrees for heat during sleep mode. Woke up and it was 67 temp on the thermostat and had defaulted to the original values of being 68 for sleep. Very frustrating. Might have to uninstall the thermostat and leave a very bad review unless they issue a software fix / firmware fix ASAP. Not going to keep waking up cold in my house for much longer. Not tolerable. This is different than WYZE cams which if they don’t work or have problems, no big deal in terms of life comfort and family complaints. A thermostat NEEDS to operate properly from the start.

I’ve also noticed this issue/error when attempting to change my location settings (street, city state). It sometimes doesn’t save or defaults to what was inputted during first setup, not to what I’ve modified them to.

Please fix ASAP.