Thermostat not switching to sleep/home & targeting wrong temp

First problem is my thermostat is targeting 67 degrees even though my schedule is set to 68 degrees, Nowhere in my schedule do I use 67 degrees.

Second problem is it’s not switching from “home” to “sleep” at the scheduled time and it continues to target the home temperature until I manually set the thermostat to “sleep” using the control dial.

There are other “quirks” but they seem to fall into the same categories as the ones above.

I have reset the thermostat using the control dial and removed and re-added it to my app.

I’m on 2.17.42 of the iPhone Wyze app which is the current version as I submit this.

Did you get any replys to this post? I too am experiencing a scheduling problem. I set my thermostat to 67 at night and at 7:30am I set a schedule for 72, then at 10:15am I set schedule to 67 for the day and at 10:15pm I set schedule to 72 then at 11:15pm the schedule is set for 67 all night then back at 7:30am. The thermostat does go to 72 at 7:30 then to 67 at 10:15am, but then reverts back to 72 sometime during the day for NO reason. I have 3 thermostats and this is the only thermostat that appears to have that problem. I have tried rebooting by pulling it off the wall and resting for 5 min then putting it back in. Also deleted schedule and rescheduled. No help. Still a problem

Your problem could have something to do with Temperature Preferences

I called support and they told me to reset the thermostat and now it’s bricked